Censorship Of Pornography

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Censorship of Pornography Introduction: I would like to apologize ahead of time, for what I'm about to say may offend some of you in the audience. Wild sex, naked bodies, these are just a few things that deal with pornography and our government sensors it every day. Now that I have your attention I would like to ask you to take a different look at pornography. Look at it as many peoples life's, look at it as many people's occupations, but don't look at it as disgusting displays of obscene actions. I am here today to tell you that the government should not control our censorship laws, but we the people should. I can stand here and tell you this today because I have done ample research on this topic and can now tell you about the governments censorship laws, what we should do about them and how we can benefit from our solutions. Body I: The government passing censorship laws is not a new thing. It has happened for years. This includes what we can wear, what we can say, what can we show, and what can we do. The real problem is that people complain to the government and the government can do nothing, but bide to the peoples needs. 1. A survey was done in the conservative county of Rocky Mount, North Carolina on peoples opinions on whether or not people have the right to view sexually oriented videos in the privacy of their own home. 2. Some of the responses were: A. "I don't approve of X-rated videos, yet if minors are not involved, I think they should be available." B. "If that's what people choose to do, yes. It's a matter of personal choice." 3. I don't know about you, but I would feel horrible if I were stripped of my rights? This is a perfect example of people being denied their rights. It is our first amendment right to have freedom of the press. 4. I'm not saying we should have pornography tattooed to every wall, but pornography should be available to those who would like to see it. You're walking down the street and you get the urge to buy a pornography magazine. You walk into a store and buy one. 5. This is what would happen in a perfect world, but because of government censorship laws, you don't see one until they think you're ready and not many stores carry magazines of that nature. 6. Other cultures have lightened their sensory laws and every one is fine with it, from the small child on a farm to the old person in the city. Every one has seen it so it is not a big deal anymore. A perfect example of this is a letter sent in from Max Summers. According to him, he has lived in Athens and Greece where the sensory laws have been lightened. You can see them anywhere from on the street to on the news. Those people, who do not wish to see it, have that option. Wouldn't it be nice if we had this much freedom? Now that you know of the problems with our sensory laws, I will give you some great solutions. Body II: The solutions I have are as follows: 1. I think that instead of the government controlling our every move on our censorship laws, the parents should control the every move of pornography in the household. There are locks on televisions and lockout codes on the Internet that parents can use to sensor what they would like their children to see. 2. Another solution could possibly be to do as the Greeks and Italians do. Lower the sensory laws. If you want it to see it you do. No one is mentally injured and people aren't awestruck when they see pornography. That would work very well here because the media and the government make pornography out to be a disgusting thing to see and do. This would help our country greatly. 3. The third and final thing we could do is have kids stealing it, getting it from friends, and seeing it illegally all over the country. I personally think, choices one and two were better. What do you think, would it be good to have the youth of America getting it illegally? Of course its not, but that is how many youth are acquiring pornography today. Now that you know some of the solutions for this problem that we have, I will tell you how this will benefit our society greatly. Body III: Our society is always worrying about obscenities such as profanity, obscene gestures, and what we wear, but what if our censorship laws were lightened, we could worry about more important things in our country. 1. We have many power

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