Racism In The Workplace

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Racism is disliking, hating, or the act of unfair treatment of an individual or individuals by others due to them being of a different nationality, accent or skin colour. I think racism in the workplace is a very stupid and childish form of behaviour, but to some people this might just seem to be very funny, this is wrong. Especially in the work place because it has to be a friendly and relaxed environment, or else the person who receives these racist comments will be affected quite dramatically in either their work rate or socially. When there is Racism in the work place it's a very difficult situation to manage, as it is more than just bullying. In Today's small world it is very common to have many people of different nationalities working together. In most workplaces you might have anywhere from ten to fifty nationalities depending on the size of the workforce. Many large factories which have a lot of manpower from different nationalities like the steel, mining, automotive, chemical and tourist industries can make a large problem for racism simply because of the people's different backgrounds. Unfortunately, racism today is more common in most of the large companies and societies than in individuals who won't want to admit to it. In any situation it's clear that racism is a bad and anti-social behaviour in every way. In today's workforce, there are many problems that rise through any sort of racial prejudice. The most crucial issues of all is safety. When a person is discriminated against due to their race or even thinking they are of a particular race, that person can easily suffer from a life threatening injury caused by other workmates. This person will continually suffer from his racist workmates even to a point where that individual will leave work costing him his job and affecting his family income. Today there are clear laws that are well displayed in large companies including anti-racial policies to help prevent racism from occurring. But even with these laws there are times when workers start off joking with someone of another race and before you know it the joke turns into a serious personal and social problem. With the laws today both companies and individuals could find themselves in a court of law for permitting or practising racism in the workplace. My personal view is that we must continue to be against situations of racism and do everything necessary to correct and prevent it. I think this can be best achieved through teaching the workforce at all the levels of management and staff. Company rules should be properly detailed against racism, penalties, and punishments cle

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