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I am a truth-seeker. I am contemplative, rational, and logical. I constantly debate every concept presented to me in a cynical manner. I am very intuitive and my thinking is complex. I explore all issues in their entirety. I am also patient and stoical and at the same time evil and vengeful. I can be numb to my surroundings when I choose to be, or I can generate great hatred and act on it. My characteristics contribute to my views on life. I have had several significant influences since my childhood which have shaped my personality. Philosophy always plays a role in anything I do. The teachings of my father and my uncle, themselves fervent truth-seekers, have allowed me to gain peace of mind and direction in life. I view life as a quest for happiness and enlightenment, and I continue following outside teachings today as a path to this enlightenment. My experiences with racism, which started at a young age, have made me an unfaltering, understanding person. I have reached the conclusion that the majority of people in this country are uneducated and ignorant and unworthy of sharing the world with people like me. I have always had a fascination with power; especially with leaders in the civil rights field, such as Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and even controversial speakers such as Louis Farrakhan or Marcus Garvey. I feel that those who are intellectually or philosophically superior to the general public, or those who have a gift of knowledge, should attempt to reach others. This attempt should not be in the form of meaningless rituals, prayer, or many of the other devices of modern religion, but in the form of useful teaching. I see myself as a powerful speaker in the future. I have also determined that life is very unpredictable and often unfair. I have learned that hard work does not always pay off, and that sometimes cheaters do prosper. I have learned that honesty is not always the best policy and practice does not necessarily make perfect. I have seen very warm and caring people suffer in pain and misery with sickness. I feel that the only counterbalance to these sudden fluctuations in fortune is to train the mind to deal with them. If the views and guidelines to life that I have established are with merit and not weak, then they will not be subject to much change even

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