Entering The Field Of Alcohol

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Entering the Field of Alcohol Teaching our youth of today about the consequences of alcohol would be beneficial to many young teens. In colleges today students like myself enter a whole new ballpark with alcohol, by being surrounded by other teens that drink and party on a daily basis. Getting so intoxicated students become violently ill, or are sent to hospitals to get their stomach pumped. All this leads to information that these students are lacking, because their parents didn t teach him what to do and what to watch out for when dealing with alcohol. If the parents do not teach these matters about alcohol at an early age, then parents risking their kid to personally find out for himself hands on. My parents personally let me start drinking at the age 16, trying a variety of alcohol substances. Beer was the choice for me because I thought that all wines and hard liquors were awful tasting, including the worst aftertaste. Beer is my favorite to drink because it has that smooth taste to it. Beer I could handle pretty well, by my sixth beer in about an hour and a half period I was perfectly fine. But then about two years later when I was 18, I was at my friend s house and they wanted me to have a shot of Yukon Jack. I was pretty skeptical about this, because it s alcohol content was 100 proof. My parents told me for every proof is equal to half a percent of alcohol (meaning 1 proof = + percent of alcohol in that particular bottle). Yukon Jack contained 50% alcohol, so then I only had half a shot, and had nothing else because I didn t know how my body would react. If I had anything else to drink that night I would have been extremely intoxicated. If my parents weren t involved in my life showing me the rights and wrongs of alcohol, I would probably be out there getting drunk with my friends, because I didn t know how to drink respectively. Christine a young teenager (from the story Perils of Prohibition) is the daughter of a public health scientist who did a recent study on teenage drinking. His study show that college students drink early and often in their college life s. Him and his wife were very concern with their daughter entering college, wondering if she'll go in the wrong direction of alcohol like these students in his study. A younger friend of Christine with no alcohol experience was introduced to alcohol during her freshman orientation, later she became extremely ill for days. Christine s parents did not want that same fate for their daughter. Wanting Christine to learn to drink respectively, by doing so inviting her to a glass of wine at dinnertime. One time at dinner she asked her parents for a mudslide, (containing chocolate milk and rum) using that open opportunity to explain certain things to her, as drinking on an empty stomach would increase the chances of getting intoxicated. Every fact that Christine s parents brought up, lead to her having a safe relationship with alcohol especially in a college atmosphere, because she knew what to expect. Both Christine and my parents teaching us about alcohol and binge drinking probably have saved us both a lot of nightmares. Both of our parent s teachings about alcohol are pretty much Identical. My parents told me about proofs, and taking on more alcohol than what I can handle. Christine s parents taught her about different alcohol contents and when a drink is blended with ice the alcohol level is lower. Both our parents tried really hard to show us the right path to go on when dealing with alcohol. From every fact that came from both our parent s mouths gave us that extra knowledge that we learned so we wouldn t have to find out the hard way; hands on. Christine s and my life has less of a burden on are shoulders since were now in college. Knowing that every party we go to Binge drinking will be there but wont affect on how we consume our alcohol, due to our knowledge passed from our parents to us. Knowing I don t feel like waking up with that hangover the very next day because I drank more than what I can handle. If every parent like mine and Christine s taught their kids these same facts that our parents told us there would be less College students getting ill over alcohol. In these days of age, parents just don t have the time to teach their kids about this subject. Parents of today need to be more involved with their kids, and start teaching them about these kinds of things about alcohol, because they re going to learn one way or another.

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