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Communication is a very important aspect of any type of relationship. There are many themes in the play, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, by Tennessee Williams, but the major theme is that of isolation and the lack of communication. This type of theme involves many character such as Brick and Margaret. Big Daddy and his oldest son Gooper. And Big Daddy and his youngest son Brick. The entire Pollitt family manifests the theme isolation and lack of communication. An example of this is that Brick throughout the play isolates himself not only from Margaret but from others as well. But Margaret is most noticeable. This is caused by his drinking problem. Margaret tries so hard to get close to him but the lack of respect causes the lack of communication between the two. "I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. You keep forgetting the conditions on which I agreed to stay living with you" (Williams 28). This is said by Brick to Margaret after she asked him to sign the gift she bought for Big Daddy's birthday. Another example of this is through lack of communication. Brick no longer wants to under stand Margaret or be understood by her. This is causing the problems for the two and there marriage and Margaret is scared that they will lose the plantation that the might get from Big Daddy's will. Finally Margaret just does not want to let Brick go she loves him, she says "Oh Brick! How long does it have t' go on? This punishment? Haven't I done time enough, haven't I served my term, can't I apply for a-pardon?" (31). She is fed up of pouring her love out to Brick and him not doing anything back. In conclusion Brick is isolating himself from Margaret which is causing their relationship the lack of communication needed by both partners. The lack of communication has broken up a son and father during this play. The relationship between Gooper and Big Daddy is non-existent. An example of this is when Gooper says, "... I've resented Big Daddy's partiality to Brick ever since Brick was born... I've been treated like I was just barely good enough to spit on and sometimes not even good enough for that" (113). This is an example of the love between the two. Since Gooper is the oldest son in the family he has got the least attention when he was younger, now wants only to get property from Big Daddy's large estate before he dies. But Big Daddy is smarter then that does not like Gooper one bit. Gopper is jealous of Brick so he tries many times during the play to suck up and kiss butt, but that just makes his situation worse. As a result, Big Daddy's relationship with Gooper, even though he is his son is a very poor relationship. Brick and Big Daddy love each other and yet they hurt each other deeply. An example of this is shown in act two when they have a long talk together. Big Daddy is trying to find out why Brick is wasting his life away drinking and when they talk, they gets very deep into the core of their problems. In the conclusion of the second act, they have told each other everything and at a great expense. One of which is that of Big Daddy finding out that he is dying, and Brick knowing that he must give up drinking to solve his problems. Brick is Big Daddy's favorite son. This is known because Big Daddy wont let anyone get in the way of them especially when they were talking in the room and people tried to come in Big daddy would not let them. He also shows his love by trying to protect Brick by talking to him about his problems and trying to help him get rid of them. As a result, Big Daddy and Brick love each other very much and throughout the play finally open up to each other and tell one another there pro

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