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COLLEGE RESEARCH PAPER Choosing a college during the final years of high school can be a long strenuous process, full of many lifelong decisions. These decisions can be broken down into six categories. The categories are cost, entrance requirements, location, living arrangements, unique programs, and extracurricular activities. The University of Missouri St. Louis and the University of Missouri, Columbia have some similarities yet many more differences. A major concern when deciding which college to attend is cost. Cost consists of not only tuition but also books, room and board. If one would like to attend the University of Missouri, Columbia for a residential student the composite cost for tuition is four thousand three hundred twenty three dollars. The tuition cost is relatively the same at the University of Missouri St. Louis. Their approximate annual cost is four thousand seven hundred ninety five dollars and eighty cents. Therefore tuition for the University of Missouri Columbia is four hundred seventy dollars and eighty cents cheaper than the University of Missouri, St. Louis. Colleges have entrance requirements so that the college receives the caliber of students they want. This is important to a student because the requirements actually make sure the students are all around the same intelligence level. This makes college life more neutral. The University of Missouri Columbia and the University of Missouri St. Louis are both on the University of Missouri system. This system says a student must complete four units of English and mathematics, three units of science and social studies, two units of the same foreign language, and one unit fine arts. These are often called the seventeen core credits for college. This system also requires an ACT score of at least seventeen but with this low of an ACT score one needs to be in the top ninety-four percentile of their class. If one s ACT composite is twenty-four or higher then that applicant meets the minimum requirement for admission. The location of a college can be a major deciding factor when one plans which college to go to. Is the college in and urban, suburban, or rural area. Is the crime rate in the area very high or so low they don t even have a sheriff for forty miles. Is the college close to any points of interests for college students. Such as movie theaters, amusement parks or bowling allies. The University of Missouri St. Louis is seven miles from downtown St. Louis. St. Louis is a large city consisting of 250,000 to 499,999 people. It has many points of interests for a college student. Besides the examples above St. Louis has four professional sports clubs. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI ST. LOUIS also has an urban campus environment. The University of Missouri Columbia is located in the small city of Columbia Missouri. It has a population of 50,000-250,000. The University of Missouri Columbia is located approximately 125 miles from Kansas City and St. Louis. The living arrangements when attending a college can enlighten or destroy your college experience. If one intends to go to the University of Missouri St. Louis they have several options for housing. The residence hall, Mansion Hill condominiums, and University Meadow Apartments. The residence halls are conveniently located on campus. Smoking and the use of alcohol or drugs is not permitted in the residence halls. Mansion Hill condominiums are on a private wooded estate with all the luxury of home. The University Meadow apartments is a apartment complex located just off campus. The University of Missouri Columbia has coed dormitories, apartments for married students and fraternity/sorority housing. All housing is located on campus besides some fraternity/sorority houses. The options for incoming freshmen to the University of Missouri Columbia for housing is limited to dorm life. Unique programs are another apparatus to help one decide if the college they want to attend has extracurricular activities wanted as well as academic programs. The University of Missouri St. Louis has many academic programs which include study abroad and the Pierre Laclede Honors College. This signifies a double major. Studying abroad means one goes to a foreign country where the University of Missouri St. Louis has set up a college. The Pierre Laclede Honors college is an honors college for the exceptionally intelligent. Although it is part of the University of Missouri St. Louis program it has its own campus, consisting of instructional, residential, and recreational facilities. The University of Missouri Columbia has a museum of art and archaeology, museum of anthropology, and a research center for nuclear reactor. Extracurricular activities serves a minor purpose in the decision to choose a college. Both the University of Missouri Columbia and the University of Missouri St. Louis have superb extracurricular activities provided for their students. They b

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