Book Report - "See, I Told You So"

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It is not very often that a person has his own national television show, radio show, and two books that have been on the "New York Times Best Seller List." Rush Limbaugh happens to be one of these unique people, his radio show is popular, his television show has the largest audience for a program of its type and his new book is one of the best of its kind. Limbaugh always backed up his comments with facts or statistics. While the book was informative and factual, it was also very humorous. See, I Told You So was definitely a conservative use of 363 pages. Without question, Rush Limbaugh is a spokesperson for a conservative majority within the United States. His book follows what he says on his radio and television programs, which is a conservative and republican view on issues. A few of the things he stresses in his book are that conservatives are the silent majority and President Clinton cannot ruin this country in four years. Although he stresses that conservatives are the majority, he says that liberals are trying to regain control by forcing the public schools get rid good things like the Bible and competition, and replace them with "Outcome-Based Education". Most importantly, we need to motivate people to pursue excellence and not feel sorry, pity and coddle underachievers. While the purpose of his book is to express these views, he also covers many other topics from the environment, to Dan's Bake Sale. "The spectacle was enough to drive a stake through the heart of liberalism (p.101)," says Rush Limbaugh about Dan's Bake Sale. Sixty-five thousand people flocked to Fort Collins, Colorado for what was called "Rushstock '93." This all started as a quest for Dan Kay to make $29.95 for a subscription to The Limbaugh Letter and escalated to a full day event that even Limbaugh attended. While Rush Limbaugh discusses many different controversial and serious issues, he manages to make it entertaining. He makes these serious issues amusing by sarcastic comments and pionting out the irony in government today. Parts of the book are made for just entertainment like the Politically Correct Liberal Dictionary and the Lies, Lies chapter in which Limbaugh backs up his theory that, the Clinton administration, has cataloged an "avalanche of false hoods" with 7 pages of Clinton's major contradictions. Rush Limbaugh makes many controversial comments throughout his book, but instead of just commenting, he supports what he says. An example is, when he talks about the environment. He uses references to scientific studies, other than just speculating. Limbaugh states, "Most scientists say a supernova 340,000 years ago disrupted 10 to 20 percent of the ozone, causing sunburn in prehistoric man.... Man has never done anything clo

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