Recent Advances in Military Aircraft

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Click Here For Research Papers Online! Thesis: Military aircraft has become more sophisticated in variety, effectiveness in war situations, and special maneuvering techniques in recent years. Military aircraft has become more sophisticated in variety, effectiveness in war situations, and special maneuvering techniques in recent years. With the advance of stealth technology, many new and very effective aircraft have been developed. The F-117A was used during Operation Dessert Storm and every plane came back without a scratch. The very expensive B-2 stealth bomber has never been used in actual war, but during testing it was a success. The Advanced Tactical Fighter program was started to make an aircraft that could supercruise, the ability to cruise at supersonic speeds, and didn't cost very much. The YF-22 and YF-23 were the first planes to accomplish t After it was found that aircraft could be very useful in war, it was used for large scale reconnaissance. Then people started to add bombs to aircraft and then airplanes started to become an essence of war. After World War 2, new bombers were developed with fast speed, and could travel far distances. They could also carry nuclear bombs and missiles. The use of the bomber aircraft then led to the fighter, which The first flight of the F-117A was in June of 1981 in Groom Lake test facility. The total cost for the development of the F-117A was just under two billion dollars, but it only cost $43 million to make each plane. It became operational in October of 1983 and was the first operational stealth aircraft ever built. The F- During Operation Dessert Storm the F-117As were found out to be very successful. The war began on January 16, 1991 when the F-117A fighters entered the Iraqi airspace on their way to downtown Baghdad. There were 43 of them over the skies of Iraq and no on Baghdad destroying the most critical targets of the Iraqi military, including the headquarters of the Iraqi air force. "We've seen that not only does stealth work, but that it puts fewer assets at risk and saves lives" (9), as Donald Rice said. The pilots of those F-117As flew through the hardest anti-aircraft missiles any pilot ha When you think of stealth, most people probably think of B-2 stealth bomber, but most people don't realize that it hasn't even been used in a real war situation yet. In November of 1987 the Pentagon ordered the first four B-2s to be built for $2 billion Each B-2 cost $437.4 million to build. After the military liked the bomber, they originally ordered 133 of them, then they cut back to 75 because of the deficit-reduction bill. Then, in 1992, the House of Representatives voted to buy only twenty, and late In 1983 the Advanced Tactical Fighter program office was formed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The Air Force wanted to build an aircraft that had the ability to supercruise without the use of afterburners or running out of fuel in a couple of minutes. It should be able to cruise at mach 1.4 or 1.5 and be able to take off on runways less then 2,000 feet long. Since the money was starting to get tight, the Advanced Tactical Fighter should cost under $40 million each to build. To come up with this aircraft, the Military gave a contract to both Northrop and Lockheed to each buil The Air Force wanted an air-superiority fighter to replace the Douglass F-15 Eagle. In 1986 the Air Force gave a contract to Northrop and Lockheed who would each build two Advanced Tactical Fighter prototypes. The Northrop YF-23 made its first flight i speeds are classified but they can most likely go over Mach 2. In April of 1991 the Air Force had to decide which plane they wanted, they chose the Lockheed YF-22 even though the YF-23 was more stealthy and could go faster. A new swing-wing stealth aircraft has been spotted undergoing test. In September of 1994 it was seen circling high over Anarillo, Texas. While it was circling, a radio scanner picked up a militar

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