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COMMUNISM FOR ALL Over the course of history there have been many methods of governing countries too many to name in fact. One of these methods is a diamond in the rock. This unequaled system of government is Communism. The reason that Communism is so unique is because it is the only system of government that is beneficial to the population of Earth as a whole. The reasons behind this statement are that it shares many ideals with the world s major religions, especially Christianity, the world s largest religion. Communism also provides social welfare and social equality. Although Communism itself limits the practice of faith, it encourages many basic principles of the major world religions. In 1986, the United States Catholic Bishops issued a letter concerning the American economy entitled Economic Justice for All . The main message of this letter is stated in a Catholic teaching book entitled Morality: Christian Vision in Practice . The message given is that a person s true success is measured by the enrichment of his or herself, his or her family and community. Work is not a means of making money but connected to serving God and other people. Any person with similar beliefs to these would fit perfectly in a Communist society. Islam in many ways also has similar ideals to Communism. Muslim people are taught not to take from society any more than they need or can give back. Also the fourth of The Five Pillars of Islam discusses the distribution of one s wealth between the poor and his family. In a Communist society it is much easier to fulfil one s basic morals of caring for a fellow human being. In a capitalistic society, people find themselves constantly giving pocket change to all sorts of charities. These actions are most likely to suppress a form of inner guilt. Most citizens of Western and European countries have much more than they need to survive while others in the world are starving. Unfortunately, these small donations are effective enough to quiet one s guilty conscience every once in a while, but are not effective enough to feed the starving people. Social Welfare means that everyone in society is taken care of. In a Communist society there are equal opportunities to receive necessities of life. Unfortunately, because other governments like the United States oppress today s communist countries, there is no opportunity to see people in Communist countries receiving more than just the basic necessities. Basic necessities are the minimum requirements of what a human needs to sustain life. Through Communism, all citizens are given food, clothing, shelter, and dignity before others can have Sony Playstations and The Backstreet Boys s new C.D. Through Communism, communities work together for the same goals. This ensures that the struggle or goal of one, is the struggle or goal of many. An entire army is more effective than a single soldier. In an ideal Communist situation, if people are being mistreated by a corrupt government, they will work together to overcome this common foe. In the case of Capitalism A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend upon the support of Paul (unknown author). If people are placed in a Communist situation and understand it, there will no longer be value placed on material goods. When people understand the goal of Communism, they will not need designer clothes and fancy cars. Clothes will be to keep warm, and cars will simply be a mode of transportation. This will eliminate the want for unnecessary things. Another issue in which Capitalism has failed in and is solved by Communism, is Social Equality. In a Communist situation there is no room for racial barriers or discrimination. People of all races, ages and both sexes receive the same amount of money for doing the same work. In The United States this is not the case. Women on average, earn approximately seventy-two cents per dollar earned by a man doing the same work. Also, racial discrimination is still a major issue in the area of income; one in every two black Americans live below the official poverty line, earning less than fourteen thousand American dollars. In the Capitalist world, there is something that divides people according to their annual income. There are three categories; lower class, middle class, and higher class. The population of the middle class in most countries is constantly dwindling, leaving only the poor and the rich classes. This will cause problems because there will be a small number of rich powerful people running a country filled with mostly poor class. The rich class would most certainly run the country to meet it s own needs. The communist society however, eliminates this degrading system of classification because everyone is considered equal and everyone is in the same class. "There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread" (Mahatma Gandhi). It is foolish to say that if they were living in a Capitalistic society these poor people would have all the privileges and opportunities of the average North American. On the other hand, it is fair to say that if they were living in a communist society they would. If every citizen of Earth were presented with as much of the Earth s resources as the citizens of modern USA and Canada, there would have to be six Earth s to provide enough resources. Many people these days believe that Communism is unjust and simply impractical. The people of modern Communist countries are faced with poverty and oppressive leaders. Fidel Castro, the Cuban President, lives a wealthy life. He has drivers and servants, but the financial state of his people is shameful. All the Communist countries of today have poverty and substantially high crime rates. In Communist countries people cannot have their own businesses and cannot earn an individual salary. Why would someone work so hard in life just to be paid the same amount as someone else who did not apply him or herself? Communism simply does not serve justice to its hard working citizens. Throughout the Communist world, many people wish to leave and go to other liberated countries. The previous arguments against Communism are very typical, and can easily be put to rest. The Communist countries of today, although officially communist, are not. The ideal Communist situation would not have the world s most powerful country holding an embargo against certain other countries, as the States does on Cuba. True Communism can only be attained if the entire globe were

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