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As I read the book "Animal Farm", I have came to see that the story "Animal Farm" is a metaphor for the life in the USSR. We see how " Animal Farm " takes on personalities of social and political figures from the USSR. They relate to the social and political life of The USSR in how they act and live. All the animals have a personality that emulates personality from the Russian Revolution. They plan to take over and make all things equal, by this they hope to give the power to the animals that represent the people of The USSR. "Animal Farm" has many of its characters take on the characteristics of The Russian Revolution. In so Mr. Jones is compared to Czar Nicholas II . Mr. Jones is the farmer in animal farm who is irresponsible in the treating of the animals, in a way that he will let them starve and leave them in neglect. Sometimes Mr. Jones cruel acts are so terrible that it is cruel to imply them. He has stooped to the point where he would whip the animals for no reason. Although he is so irresponsible and cruel he actually tries to make up for it by mixing milk with the animals food. In so we compare Mr. Jones to Czar Nicholas II. Just as Mr. Jones Czar Nicholas II is a poor leader overhis land and people as Mr. Jones is to his farm and animals. Sometimes Czar Nicholas II is compared to Western Kings in his acts. The both of them Czar Nicholas II and Mr. Jones are brutal with their opponents and punished unjustly. As a cheep act of kindness Czar Nicholas II would hire students as spies to make money. In so he would use the information he learned to ponishe and eliminated his threats and oppositions. In the Russian revolution Karl Marx had invented communist ways and its party. His plan was to have all the "workers of the world unite." His plan for the workers was to have them take over the government. To the misfortune of his death he had not seen his dream come true. He had died before the Russian Revolution had taken place. Although he didn't live to see the end of it he did instill important foundation for which to build on. Like Karl Marx Old Major was a leader. He had been teaching the animals of the farm animalism (in comparison to communism). His main words were to " workers do the work, rich keep the money, and the animals revolt. This was the same thought that Karl Marx had but in regards it the animals and not the USSR. Also Like Karl Marx he dies before the revolution happens. There were successors of those that came before, Leon Trotsky was one of those people that was great and had lead the "October revolution" that was a great step for the Russian Revolution. Leon Trotsky was one of the followers of the idea who had followed Marx. His ideas of c

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