English Cat1(Immigration) Year12

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The controversy surrounding and restricting the number of immigrants allowed into Australia each year has flared erratically since Australia opened it s gates to immigrants in the post world war II period. The issue simmered through the lower part of 1998 when the federal government once again considered acceptable numbers to be allowed into Australia in the near future. The issue was greeted with a wide ranging debate with in the media via editorials, letters to the editor and feature articles which often sparked emotional responses with in the community. Gerard Henderson convincing article Time for Howard to change track (Sydney Morning Herald 20/10/98) looks at the New Zealand approach to increase the amount of migrants allowed into the country each year and criticizes John Howard for not following the same note. A sensible tone is used which is not too one sided and looks at some negative affects of immigration. Although Henderson continually appears to look at the efficient way in which Jenny Shipley s (New Zealand Prime Minister) add to immigration has helped the New Zealand Economic structure. While trying to make us realise our economy must grow words like boost and increasing are used appropriately to suggest that why doesn t the Australia government add to immigration levels to improve our standard of living. Through out the article Henderson presses to make it look like John Howard is in the wrong by using accusations from the past when Paul Keating called Howard a Racist . This successfully suggests for in the reader that this could possibly be why he wants less immigrants. During the second half of the article a number of professional people(Ian Forster, writer of the book Myths and realities and Dr. Bob Birrell, Director Of Immigration Reform) are brought in to add greater credibility to the point he is trying to make about extra immigration. Statements are then used such as the evidence that immigration has been generally beneficial for the Australian Economy to keep the view point strong and continues drawing the reader into believing the writer s opinion. The article ends by making reference to how immigration open Australia up to the world this is to let us know immigration can only be positive. This closure is intended to make one last attempt at drawing the reader into agreeing with the writer s point of view. On Friday the 12th of February 1999 a series of articles appeared under the tittle Open to the World on page 19 of the Herald Sun. A sub heading There s Room for more clearly stated and made clear to the reader from the very start that writer DR John Nieuwenhuysen was driving for more migrants to be allowed into Australia. In a persuasive tone the article confronts the reader with the added benefits of immigration, and pushes the idea that migrants have to be accepted into society for a greater nation. This is done firmly with some powerful phrases such as We can t shut our selves of to the rest of the world and Immigration will have favorable effects . This is effective and minimizes the impact of any objections. During the article the Dr. sarcastically by using rhetorical questions stating arguments used declining immigration increases such as Why can t Australia afford new people and how are migrants taking Australian jobs . The writer then opposes these reasons and contradicts them with his own theories and other peoples research on how immigration helps Australia. Words that make Australia seem lonely with are used such as solitude, barren and isolation these make Australia seem as if with out immigration our population rate will decrease and the land will become shut off from the rest of the world. The article finishes with a reference to weather Australia wants to live in the past or open her self to the world. This last comments added by the writer just finalizes in the readers mind that Australia is definitely better of with more immigrants. A letter written by Sheila Ryan of Bridgeport Tasmania appeared just after the Open to the world articles of the Herald Sun on the 12th of February 1999. The letter headed ALP s Migrant increase unsustainable attacks the Labor plan for an increase in immigration. In a desperate tone Ryan blames Labor for not thinking about the high unemployment level and struggling small businesses that will suffer with the extra population. She also uses a passionate link of phrases such as hearts of are young are bleeding . This is done to add extra feeling to the letter and try and draw the reader into and agree with the emotion she is feeling for the issue. During the letter the reader is confronted with a number of problems concerning ext

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