Do Trends Ever Really Die

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Bell Bottoms, beads, polyester, and bandannas - items that defined the seventies, and the nineties? Throughout time cultures have copied the earlier generations trends. Big Band music and swing music both originated in the nineteen twenties, but once again became popular in the nineties. A fashion trend that is dying out very quickly is the wearing of baggy pants. They are pants that seem to fit in the waist, but then drastically get larger. The pants will become obsolete in 2 years, but only to be reborn some twenty years later. It s astounding how trends go and come with time. The baggy pants craze is already starting to die out. Many people are starting to realize that the pants are just a little too big. Twenty years from now though, people will ask themselves how did this style ever die out? We ll it s simple, not one style has ever stood the test of time. Styles are made to fade and the good ones always comeback. In 2020, the year of the baggy pants , the pants will basically look the same as they did in the 1990s, although, the color will be very different. Colors will range from Tropicana orange to puke green. And will be worn as a sign of individual freedom. A lonesome teenager will enter a thrift store in search of clothes for Nineties Day at school. The teenager will stumble upon some baggy pants, just like the ones worn now, and buy them for his or her outfit. The pants will be a huge hit, forcing fashion designers to rush to the sewing machine, or some other new sewing invention, Berrong 2 and produce as many as possible. They will be worn mostly by teenagers, and also adult men going through a mid life crisis. The new and improved baggy pants will be sold at any local clothing store and also at Target and Wal-Mart. In the year 2020 many people will become tired of the fashion trends. They will want to turn back the clock on fashion, and make it better or more improved. People are always looking for clothing that will separate them from everyone else. The baggy pants are sure to do it. But soon the world will realize how cool the pants are, and start buying them. Shortly after, everyone will have his or her very own pair of baggy pants, includin

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