Cons Of School Uniforms

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SHOULD STUDENTS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS WEAR UNIFORMS: NEGATIVE There are many points to be made on why uniforms should not be in public schools. You have to really look into depth on what uniforms really do and not use them as an excuse for society's problem. Wearing uniforms does not solve gang violence due to the fact that what makes a person lash out is on the individual of that person. All violence can not be associated with gang violence. As I quote "Do not judje a book by it's cover." Having parents buy school uniforms is not economical, having big industy's provide clothes for students can cause much corruption and create a monopoly. If a school has uniforms donated for the people who can't afford uniforms it would show the students dependant on charity from the ones who bought there uniforms. Exactly what uniforms are suppost to hide. Saying uniforms create more discipline is way off. Most likley uniforms will create more tension between the students and the teachers and how will we prepare our young ones for the future if they have to rely on having there wardrobe being chosen for them every day? They need to make their own decisions. Trying to control ones thoughts over uniforms is wrong. American Civel Liberties union of Massachusetts reported that due to the new release of uniforms in Laurence High school, attendance of students has dropped rapidly and 600 students have been given detention and 200 have been suspended (most likley due to jobs on weekends). Obviously did the oposite of what uniforms are suppost to solve. Fashion competition in schools today would be irrelevant due to that fashion competition is derived form the adults who act as a model. If i weren't so worried about fashion then why are we having uniforms in the first place? To prove my point, you might see a trend in some family's were childerens peers often dress like them, often have same taste of music ex. country, old rock-modern rock.   We are a diverse socioeconomic society which means that no matter what we do there will always be a difference in economic classes. And finally school uniforms violates the rights of Americans. The first amendment allows one to express themselves which means that we should let everyone have a say. Out of the 26 students and 1 teacher in my 7th period debate class 19 people did not want public schools to wear uniforms, one undecided and 7 wanted school uniforms. Almost 2 to 3 people would not want uniforms and being that they would be affected the most by this policy there vote would count the most. Hitler, Mussolini, KKK, mobseters etc. all wore

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