The Would Be Gentleman

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When one is considering socio-economic mobility there are many factors that they must consider prior to beginning the transition. First and foremost, what area of high status are they interested in? Hollywood is one option, as is Wall Street and the world of Switzerland skiers. This decision is most important because often, different groups stress seperate qualities in an acceptable person. In general, one should have extensive lessons in golf, tennis, hunting, equestrian, and polo so that it may seem as if they had played these sports for years. I suggest these sports because these are often done by the high class, and used as a social or business environment in which one can further shmooze. In addition I would suggest a membership to a country club, a perfect setting for these sports and interaction with the desired class members. One should also be educated in the fields of business and politics as these are topics often discussed, especially by the men of status. Women may also want to include an education in philosophy and the arts. If you are truly a member of society, you must be able to rise to the topic of the moment with confidence and competency. Philanthropy is a wonderful way to assert your worth. Individuals love befriend those who have money, and you will look even better should your generous donation be make anonymously but somehow it “accidentally” came out. Contributing to certain arts, programs, or schools can by you many powerful allies. A highly respected ballet company or Ivy League college is perfect examples of this. Being fashionable is a must in the upper social strata. Not only does it show that you can afford to be with the times, but that being a fashion plate and knowing designers is important to you. This often includes purchasing from Gucci, Hermes, Chanel, Christian Dior, Anna Sui, and Todd Oldham for example. Making the occasional appearance to a fashion show is often smart, as well as having yourself in high style and fashion magazines. One most important topic you must be pinpoint accurate on in the lifestyle habits of those with which you hope to become a part of. What kind of cars do they prefer, the neighborhoods they live in, schools in which they send their children, where do they summer and winter at? These are all valid questions and can often be tell tale signs of one’s status. Even one’s speech can be

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