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A Deeper Look at Glamour There are all kinds of magazines that target all types of people, from young girls to old men. Glamour focuses on women between the ages of 20-35 who are career-oriented. They are fairly well-off, usually single and very fashion conscience. The focus group is heterosexual and liberal. No topic is too taboo for Galmour to write an article about. The target group is obvious to me from the articles, pictures, and advertisements. Articles in Glamour magazine focus on sex, love, and careers. They also do a lot of articles on clothes and fashion. There is something in every month’s issue about these topics. The typical sex article focuses on how to better your sex life, whether you are married or single, how to get sex when you want it, and what women can do dot catch the man of their dreams. Mostly these articles are based on things that people already know, but they don’t want to admit some of the things that they think about. For example, Doctor Jack Morin says that women should bring eroticism in to the bedroom by talking about their fantasies with their partners. Women should also think about sex more often and learn to initiate sex in a way that they would enjoy. (Howard 261) The magazine makes it okay for women to use their imaginations without feeling guilty. This definitely targets the 20-35 year old female because many of these women are feeling unsure of their sexuality. Careers are another big issue because the women in the target group are either just starting a career or they are trying to climb the corporate ladder. How to work your way to the top and how to stay there are topics that Glamour tries to discuss. Women can write questions to the editors and writers for advice. One woman was curious as to how to approach her current boss for a reference. Glamour advisers say that it is very unwise to ask your current employer for a reference because she might get upset and could even fire you. Instead, go to a colleague or client for references, as long as you’ve had a strong relationship with them. (Kennedy 118) The idea that a woman needs a reference suggests a career change or promotion, which , again, fits the target group of the young, career-oriented woman. Pictures in Glamour magazine are of beautiful models in great clothes with incredible men by their sides. Fashion shots of top designers’ clothing lines are a big part of Glamour. What is in and what is out is the biggest question of each season. For summer, the hottest clothing item is swimwear. The June edition has many ideas of great suits that fit any type of body and give great ideas about how to show of what you like and cover up those trouble spots. The women who read this magazine are in the eye of the public and feel that they need to stay in touch with all the latest fashion trends. Another topic that Glamour magazine touches on is home fashion. According to Glamour, the interior design of a woman’s home is very important to her social standing. The right home or apartment is vital to a good reputation and the magazine will show women how to decorate with flair. The home is expected to be filled with expensive Ethan Allen furniture and famous priceless art covering the walls. Money is, supposedly no object to the women who buy Glamour, so expensive home décor is no big deal. The biggest part of any magazine is the advertisements and Glamour is no exception. Every ad in the magazine is directed towards women, who could be bright, beautiful, and confident, as long as she has the products found throughout the pages. Everything from Dove soap (Dove 190) to every type of make-up (Revlon 10) (Maybelline 14) is advertised. These ads work well in Glamour because the women who are reading it are at the age where looking younger is and important factor. The ads target their insecurities and give the women a way to get rid of all their “imperfections”. There are also many advertisements for clothes, cars, mostly fast convertibles, and lots of jewelry. Everywhere there seems to be pictures of huge diam

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