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English Computer Technology A computer is an electronic device that can receive a set of instructions or program and the carry out this program by performing calculations on numerical data or by compiling and correlating other forms of information. ("Computer" Encarta). It also performs calculations and processes information with astonishing speed and precision. Computer Technology has improved our lives. It will continue to affect our future which will lead to an easier, less complicated lifestyle, with more job opportunities and their benefits. ("Computer." America On-line). The modern world of high technology could not have come about except for the development of the computer. (Astle 1). Different types and sizes of computers find uses throughout society in the storage and handling of data, from secret government files to banking transactions to private household accounts. ("Computer" Encarta). Research and development in the computer world moves simultaneously along two-paths hardware designs and software innovations work in each are alternately influences the other.("The Future Of Computers" America On-line) Computers help people in many different ways, but many people prefer to use paper and pencil to write and to use folders and file cabinets to organize there papers. ("The Future of Computers." America On-line.) Many people in the world use computers to make their lives easier. Such advances computer technology will benefit us all. People use computers for research, organization, writing, communication for personal or business matters and even to look up stock updates. (Astle 786). Whether it is personal or business, computers can help make our daily life easier. Typing is quicker and easier and its also a lot neater than hand writing. When you type on a computer you can look at them and open them a lot faster than having a folder of papers you have to carry around where ever you go. (Masters 654). Computers can also help with editing a paper, they can even check spelling and grammar. Typing on a computer today is probably the most common way people write there research papers, reports and other documents for school and business.("How Computers Make Your Life Easier" America On-line). Families can use computers to keep in touch with each other through E-mail. They help people talk with others all around the world, using different services and methods. ("Information Superhighway." America On-line). Since computers are used all over the world for research, almost all libraries and museums are based on computers. ("How Computers Make Your Life Easier" America On-line). The computers in such places as libraries are used for the card catalogs and for museum sites. Computers enable people to search for different topics in books located all over the world they can help look for in formation in encyclopedias and different archives. Computers today help do research so quickly and dependably that in the future they will be used in all libraries, museums and schools. ("The History Of Computers During My Lifetime The 1990's." America On-line). Computers today are so much easier to use for many jobs that had been done manually. In industry Computers have opened a new era in manufacturing and consumer product development. (Asimov 627). Programs help people plan complex production schedules, keep track of inventories and accounts, run automated assembly lines and control robots. Government agencies are the largest users of mainframes and super computers. (Masters 654). The United States Department of Defense uses computers for hundreds of tasks, including research, breaking codes, interpreting data from spy satellites and targeting missiles. (Asimov 627) Computers in education have proved to be valuable education tools. Educational aids, such as some. Encyclopedias and other major reference works are available to personal computer users. ("Computer." Encarta ). In arts painting and drawing programs enable artists to create realistic images and animated displays much more easily than they could with more traditional tools. ("Computer Science." Encarta). As in entertainment musicians can use computers to create multiple-voice compositions and to play back music with hundreds of variations. (Asimov 627).Speech processors even give a computer the ability to talk and sing. (Asimov 627). The development of virtual reality and computer animation technology will change this form of historical reconstruction to a reliance on computers. Architectural and art historians could use this technology in order to create models for study and presentations. Military historians could apply it to reproduce of famous battles or to illustrate tactical maneuvers from a certain viewpoint. (Asimov 627) As libraries become more automated, there will be a greater tendency to create database which can be searched. Presently, the Mcmaster University libraries catalogues are accessible through the Internet. ("Future Uses Of Computers In History" America On-line). This direction will continue with a greater examination of resources as more archives become automated. The "Fifth-Generation" computer effort to develop computers that can solve computer problems in what might eventually be called creative ways is another direction in computer development, the ideal goal being true artificial intelligence. ("Computer" Encarta). Parallel processing may in time be able to duplicate to some degree the mixed feedback, approximating and calculating approximately functions of human thought. ("Computer" Encarta). Another ongoing trend is the increase in computer networking, which now also employs satellites to link computers globally. ("Computer" Encarta). Computer jobs are among the most rapidly growing employment segments in the United States. Choosing a computer field will benefit many in the long run since its going to be the number one thing in use. Economic studies project that computer equipment will represent about one- fifth of all capital expenditures by business in the 1990's. ("Careers In The Computer Field" America On-line). Hundreds of thousands of people will be needed to manufacture, operate, program and manage new equipment. The most sought after computer specialists will probably be system analyst, programmers and operators. ("Careers In The Computer Field." America On-line). Computer security specialists will be in great demand to help protect the integrity of the huge information banks being developed by business and the government. (Asimov 627). Programmers write the software that transforms a machine into a personal tool. ("Careers In The Computer Field" America On-line). Applications programmers write commercial programs to be used by businesses, in science centers and in the home. ("Careers In The Computer Field" America On-line). Systems programmers write the complex programs that control the inner-workings of the computer. (Asimov 627) Many specialty areas exist within these two large groups such as database and telecommunication programmers. ("Computer Science." America On-line). Other important careers are hardware designers, microchip and peripheral equipment design, and information collections develop by businesses or data banks. ("Careers In The Computer Field" America On-line). Various support careers also exist. Technical writers, computer based training specialists, and operations managers do not need very technical backgrounds to work in their original fields, a learning of computers and a desire to share their knowledge with others. ("Care

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