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Physical abuse of children All across America, children are scared that their parents will physically abuse them. Researchers suggest parents who abuse their children do so for a variety of reasons. Whether their abusive acts are due to stress, abuse in their homes as a child or emotional instability there is no reasonable answer for parents to violently hit, punch, kick, shake smack or push a child. There are very severe consequences to pay for the parents as well as child. The death or injury of a child may occur, the child may repeat the cycle of abuse to their children or the parent can face imprisonment for child abuse. Some parents believe it is their right to discipline their child. Parents are often stressed over work, money or other people. They are overwhelmed with worries and tend to take it out on the people who love them the most, their children. They think home is supposed to be a haven where they will have no troubles, but home is where they take on responsibility for their child. Parents come home so aggravated that the smallest accident can result in abuse for hours. Many parents suffer emotional instability. They can be anywhere from depressed to psychotic. Most often these types of people view themselves as victims. They don t think of anyone but themselves. They abuse their children believing that they are not hurting them but helping them. They cannot give love to their children but can teach them If you commit the crime then you must do the time. It is not rare to find that parents who where abused as children. Physical abuse in families will most likely be repeated. Whatever a child learns from their parent will be repeated on from generation to generation until the chain is broken. A repeated cycle of abuse is a hard chain to break. The victim of abuse must understand that abuse is wrong and want to get help. If they don t get help, they can be excessively violent not only to their children but also to other people. Extreme physical abuse can leave the child severely wounded or dead. A child s fragile body is not fully developed. Their skin bruises and bones can easily brake. There have been various cases where a child is beaten brutally to death. When a case of child abuse is discovered, the parents

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