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Aids Testing on Animals “Between 25 and 50 million animals are killed in American laboratories each year, this include mice, rats, cats, ferrets, monkey, and etc.(American Anti-Vivisection Society)” Since the medical skill has been developed, numbers of drugs have been invented to fight the diseases that human beings get. In order to make sure that those medicine works, the medicines need to be tested on animals first. When a new disease is found, thousands of animals are put in the laboratory to test on the new medicine. And during the past decade, the new disease, “Aids”, is found. Is it time again for millions of animals to sacrifice their lives and have no right for their little lives? Monkey is one of the poorest animals that human beings use in the experiment because that it is believed to have the closest species to human beings. “How can they do it since the monkey normally doesn’t get the AIDS disease?” First, the experimenter injects the AIDS disease into a monkey, and let the disease sit in the monkey’s body for seven days. After the monkey gets the AIDS disease, then the experimenter injects whichever medicine he/she found and tries it on the monkey. The scientist keeps record of what the monkey’ s reactions are. After a period of time, 99.999% of monkey dies after the experiment, and the scientist pick a new victim to test on his new medicine. From my point of view, animals should not be used as an experiment tool for testing new drugs because all animals are also living creatures like human beings and have their souls, as the human beings do. An animal should not be considered property in which people may claim for a right to use them in medical research. They do have hearts as the we all do. Animals are the experiment victims because they can not complain and they can not fight for their lives, like the human beings. I believe that could they fight for their lives, they would do it. While animals may not be able communicate in ways or do things, like human beings can, they do have emotions and can feel pleasure and pain. “The not can they reason? Nor can they talk? But can they suffer?,” stated Jeremy Bentham, Director of Medical Research, Lederie Laboratories. It’s now a fact that human beings violate the animal rights too much. We are trying to turn animals into machines. I wonder with all the technology we have today, why do we have to use animals?. On the other hand, human beings are the ones who get the disease. We should try it on the infected and volunteered patient, not to force it on someone else(the animals) who are not infected the first place. Another reason is that the studies also show that drug testing on animal is not 100% reliable, as many people have thought. Now it’s pretty sure that drug testing on animal is misleading one animal’s reaction to a disease, drug or procedure can be radically different to other’s. Even when the species being used in an experiment is very similar to us the results can be very different. For example, a chimpanzee has nearly the same genetic material that we do, but it reacts differently to many of the disease that we get(including AIDS). Also it does not have the same reaction to drugs, as we do. Over the years the numbers of scientists who question the applicability of animal experimentation has grown steadily, “In part because of possible major differences in responses to drugs in animals and man, the knowledge gained from studies in animals is often not pertinent to human beings, will almost certainly be inadequate, and may even be misleading,” Arnold D. Welch, Department of Pharmacology, Yale University School of medicine. As now the question has been raised whether animals are necessary for the AIDS experiment. But from my point of view, animal lives should not be wasted fruitlessly, as the study shows human beings and animals are different. “Human medicine cannot be based on veterinary medicine. This is because animals are different histologically, anatomically, genetically, immunologically, and physiologically.(Animal Right FAQ)” It’s now a fact that the scientists are wasting taxpayer money, time, and the lives of animals(especially monkeys) and other animal in the AIDS experiments. Like the example on the cancer experiment where human beings have already wasted millions of animals, but the medicine has not yet been found, “We have been doing research on animals, which do get cancer, for 30 years with no cure in sight,” said Dr. Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Tons of money are poured into the research and really have no use. Many vivisectors still claim that what they do helps save human lives. In fact, they are lying. The truth is that animal experiments kill people, and animal researchers are responsible for deaths of thousands of men, women and children every year. For example Clioquinol, a medicine that was tested OK on animals but has harmed human beings, caused 30,000 cases of blindness and paralysis and thousands of deaths. Many of the medicines tested using vivisecting has killed both many animals and human beings. Consequentially, the scientists waste their time and money do their research on animals since the study has proofed that animals and human beings do not react the same way, even on the same disease and same type of medicine. Some people might claim that human beings are more important than animals, and animal lives are worthless, compared to human beings. From my opinion, I think those people are being too selfish. 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