The Roswell Incident

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Click Here For Research Papers Online! The Roswell Incident I. Introduction A. Zeus B. American Indians C. Egyptians II. Background A. Time of the crash B. Witnesses 1. Mac Brazel 2. Sheriff George Wilcox 3. Roswell's 509th Bomb Squad 4. Initial recovery team III. Individual Testimonies A. Unnamed witness of Roswell recovery team B. Curry Holden C. Glenn Dennis D. Dan Dwyer IV. The Alien Autopsy Films A. Eighteen minute film at the autopsy center in Fort Worth B. Three minute film at Roswell site C. Researcher's opinions V. Conclusion The Roswell Incident The people of the world have always had a mysterious belief that Earth wasn't the only planet in the universe that supported life. This belief dates back to ancient times when heavenly and demonic stories were told of gods who strode across the skies on their golden chariots. Tales as far fetched as Zeus who threw lightening bolts from his fingertips to stories as credible as the American Indian's Cachinas, who supposedly taught them to farm and saved them from numerous disasters. The Egyptians, who built their mammoth pyramids with only the use of man power, used hieroglyphics. These same hieroglyphics have been unofficially documented as being similar to symbols found on unidentified aircraft wreckage found in several incidences over the past fifty years (Montgomery 225-32, 236-37). Are these stories all mere coincidence? Some researchers think not and have continued to unveil new evidence that is believably true. Recently, new facts have been brought up on the most documented UFO (unidentified flying object) sighting of all time: the Roswell Incident. The Roswell Incident is a UFO crash that occurred at 11:30 p.m. on July 4th, 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico (Randal 10). Mac Brazel, a local New Mexico rancher, discovered a considerable amount of unusual debris while riding out on horseback early in the morning to check his sheep after a night of intense thunderstorms. He reported to Sheriff George Wilcox after driving into Roswell, that the aircraft had created a shallow gouge several hundred feet long and was scattered over a large area. Sheriff Wilcox then notified authorities at the Roswell Army Air Field and with the assistance of his deputies, proceeded to investigate the matter. Shortly after the 509th Bomb Group arrived from their station 35 miles away (Walker 38), they closed off the area for a number of days and retrieved the wreckage. The debris was initially taken to Roswell Army Air Field and eventually flown to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio (Jeffrey). Before the military could intervene, the event had already been witnessed by more than one-hundred people. Local police, fire squad, and curious members of the Roswell community make up these people. A lot of them were part of the initial recovery team and are now telling their stories that have been bottled up for nearly a half of a century (Randal 11). According to one unnamed witness of the Roswell recovery team, The crash site was littered with pieces of the aircraft. Something about the size of a fighter plane had crashed, the metal was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. I picked up a piece the size of a car fender with one hand, it couldn't have weighed more than a quarter of a pound and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't even get it to bend (Randal 11). This statement describes the type of material that was found at the site and has been described in this manner by numerous witnesses. The next statement was made by Curry Holden, an archeologist who was one of the first to arrive on the scene, "I saw a crashed airplane without wings and with a fat fuselage. There were three bodies. Two were outside the craft and the other one was still inside, visible through a gash in the fuselage" (Walker 38). Other bits of information have also been documented from locals arriving initially at the scene. First, there is the local undertaker, Glenn Dennis, who was asked by the base if he could provide child-sized coffins. Then there was the local fireman, Dan Dwyer, whose crew was called out to the crash site and who collected some of the mysterious metal debris. He told his family of also seeing two body bags and one still living being about the size of a 10-year-old child (Walker 38). So many stories are now being told, that it is hard to distinguish which ones are probable, but because of the amount of information now coming out, it is very likely that something out of this world did take place in Roswell, New Mexico, fifty years ago. There are two soundless films showing the autopsy of one of the beings, known as the gray variety ("UFO Crash"), found at the Roswell crash scene. One is eighteen minutes long and takes place in some kind of operating room. The other is three minutes long and was shot inside a tent in the half-light of emergency lanterns. Both of these videos were supposedly taken by an Air Force film technician at Roswell and at the autopsy center in Fort Worth. This cameraman is still undercover, but sold these tapes to British filmmaker Ray Santilli who has recently made these public and brought the Roswell controversy back into a full blown investigation by many researchers and some retired government officials. The first tape gives a fairly good visual of the gray variety beings. On an operating table in a small white room, the naked humanoid creature lies on its back with a bulbous stomach and a bald and giant head with lizard eyes. Six fingers lie slightly curled on the end of a respectively long arm and there appears to be a deep foot long gash in its right leg. Two unidentifiable humans in white contamination suits circle the creature using instruments to slice and saw through some body parts (Corliss 105). The flesh gives and bleeds, the joints flex, and the limbs bend. When the skull is cut into it reveals an unusually thick bone and the brain in fleshlike, but most unlike a human brain with its grooves and folds. Instead it looks like a chunk of liver on this grainy black and white film. Large elliptical slits are where the eyes would be on a human and are covered with a black film. When this film is removed, white orbs are revealed. Moving back to the pregnant looking stomach, there is no navel. When the stomach is opened up, there are female genitalia, but there are no coils of intestines (Walker 38). This seems convincingly to be the autopsy of some kind of being and it does not appear to be the creation of a Hollywood special-effects lab, especially for the time that this film is dated at. Dr. Paul O'Higgins, an anatomist from University College London, says, the anatomy appears human, though with several deformities. The large skull, he says, could be caused by fluid on the brain, often found together with low set ears, hairlessness, and lack of secondary sexual characteristics. On an anatomical and evolutionary basis, I find it impossible to believe these are aliens. Only the lack of a navel and the black m

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