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Cloning Could cloning become the thing of the future? Or is it the start of a new generation? To some, cloning could give back a life, or a life of fun, happiness, and freedom. For others it could mean destruction, evil, or power. Throughout this essay you should get a better idea of cloning and the concerns about it. You will hear about the good and also the good brings the bad. Most of this information could be what is to come in the future. What is cloning? How did it all get started and why? Well cloning is a genetic copy or replica of a living organism. For it to get started it took more than fifty years of questioning and testing. It produces large numbers of genetically identical individuals by transplanting whole cell nuclei. To clone an animal the cells of an early multi-celled embryo are split which will form two new embryos. Like in a human the adult's embryo is split into two. To clone a vertebrate it was much harder. Testing on a frog first started it. Doing this the nucleus was removed from the egg cell of an organism. Then the nucleus from a body cell of another organism of the same specie is then placed into the enucleated egg cell. It is then nurtured by the nutrients that are still in the enucleated egg cell. Next the embryo begins to grow. Since the embryo's genes came from the body cell's nucleus it will be identical to the organism from which the body cell was obtained. Animal cloning has been used for many different things. It has been used in labs for testing. Using animals would not deplete any populations nor would they be taken away from their habitats destroying any food chains. Also, farmers would benefit from cloning their select animals. This would also give the consumer better meat quality and lower the price of meat. In places, which some animals were, coming extinct clones could be made to replenish the population. It could also benefit humans by having techniques used on animals and then tested on humans. The techniques could some day used on humans if tested long enough on animals and if it worked on them. If this is done then its whole life will already be planned out for it and it wouldn't get to live its own life. They wouldn't be able to experience the things that normal people do. Also, if they are cloned do they really have a soul? That could be an argument of a cloned animal or human. This would be bad for humans because they would no if they were gonna die early or soon. They would realize if they were gonna have a disease or not. This might make them not want to live from the start. I believe that cloning humans is what the human race needs in the future. Humans would be stronger, smarter, and more perfect. Scientists could remove bad genes from the parents and replace it with a good one. If one of the parents had a bad gene or hereditary disease this could be removed from the embryo and replaced with another clean gene. This process is called embryo screening it is used to determine if the child has received the defective gene. Several embryos could be cloned, then the DNA from one of the embryos would then be removed and standard genetic testing would be used to detect whether or not that embryo contained the genetic disease. If this cloned embryo contained a disease then one of the other embryos could be used for implantation in a parent, this guarantees that the child would be free for genetic disease. For those who disagree with cloning I'm sure if their child could be saved from a genetic disease they would reconsider cloning. I think that there should be a law against cloning. If a powerful person were cloned then the clone would be just as powerful giving no chance for a normal person to succeed. I think they should only let people be cloned that loose their lives in accidents because they didn't get to finish their life. Or if a person is going to die of a disease they should be able to make a clone and get what they need to live. If there was nothing against cloning there would be a world of double, triple, and as many of the same person wanted. In conclusion, cloning could possibly bring back loved ones; give couples their first child or even provides us with our own transplants. On the bad side it could bring back evil people, conquer the world, and sell your body without you even knowing it. So does that come out to be good or bad? I personally think its bad just thinking about me living again and again. This would take away the whole meaning of after life.

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