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Making Canada a better place So I was surfing the net yesterday and came across some interesting information concerning drug related deaths. It stated that the death toll for the year 1998 was as high as 155 people, and that was counted in Toronto alone ( This included overdoses, car crashes that were caused by being under the influence of illegal substances, also many injuries and deaths that came by dealing. Many people including young kids were arrested and put into prison as a result of dealing drugs. Just think, all this could have been prevented. If you re asking yourself how would that be possible just hang in there and let me show you. Many people don t know this but drugs are not all that bad, they could be used to help terminally ill patients ease their pain. If one of your loved ones was suffering wouldn t you want them to be able to receive the best treatment possible? Right now that option is not available, because drugs are not yet legal but if they were, than many of the patients could die without feeling so much pain. And even before that dreaded time comes, the time before death, drugs could help the ill feel less pain. Everybody wants to die peacefully, and we can help make that happen! However if drugs would be legalized, we must make sure that it is done the smart way. Of course safety percussions must be taken the same way with cigarettes and liquor, only to a more sophisticated level. There will have to be an age limit which would stop underaged kids from getting their hands on the powders, capsules, and smokable substances. In my opinion this age should be no younger than 25. Because by that time even the male end of the population is mature enough to handle such hard core substances. We must make sure that computers would be used to monitor the buyer, and amount of products bought on a daily bases. If you re wondering where all this money would come from, than I even have an answer for you. Just one word. Taxes. If drugs would be legalized we would have to pay taxes on them, and all that money could be used to set up the monitoring of drugs. The rest of the money wouldn t go to waste either. The money could even be used to help current addicts with counseling and Rob centers. But if not, than I am sure that our good ol government would find ways to spend it no problem there. One of the fastest, easiest ways of acquiring large amount of dough fast is dealing drugs. But with that kind of money involved comes the danger of getting seriously hurt or even murdered for that matter. How many times did you watch the news just to hear that many died as a result of a shootout between two gangs? And the reason it all started? Drugs, of course. Just another reason to add to the big pile that we collected so far. Here is another good reason, teenagers are known to go for things that are prohibited. That fact has been true from the begi

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