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Many years ago, women were used betrayed by their husbands or just men in general. They had no say so in anything. Whatever the men told them to do to do they did or they paid the consequences, in which they were bad. In the play "The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice," Shakespeare portrayed the women in a couple of different ways. Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca were all portrayed as whores. Othello, Desdemona's husband of another race, didn't believe the fact that she didn't cheat on him with Cassio. An example of Othello portraying Desdemona as a whore is when he says, " That handkerchief which I so loved and gave thee thou gav'st to Cassio." In Desdemona's defense she says, " No, by my life and my soul! Send for the man and ask him." (Page 879) Othello blames Desdemona for giving Cassio a handkerchief, which was the first gift Othello gave her. Desdemona tries to explain to Othello that she did not give Cassio the handkerchief but he is too upset so he doesn't believe her. In an act of anger he kills her for no reason. Desdemona tries to show her love for Othello when he kills her. When Lodevico asked Desdemona a question about Cassio Othello takes it the wrong way. An example of this is when Desdemona says, " A most unhappy end. I would do much t' atone them, for the love I bear for Cassio?" Othello gets mad and calls her a "Devil" and slaps her in front of everybody. (Page 859-860) Throughout the whole story the women were portrayed as whores to the men but they were something more. Even though Desdemona did nothing to ever hurt Othello she was still considered a whore because Iago told lies about her. If Othello really and truly loved Desdemona than he would have let her explain herself before killing her. Iago portrayed all women as hoes. He was the jealous type of guy that used women and hated when someone was better than he was. He thought that women were only good for one thing. He was married to Emilia and only used her for one thing. An example of this is when Emilia says, " My wayward husband hath a hundred times wooed me to steal it." (Page 839) Iago has Emilia steal the handkerchief so he could set up Desdemona and Cassio. He used Emilia by stealing the handkerchief so he could go about his deceiving ways. Another example is when Iago say

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