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Pornography A word that has a different meaning to different people. A word that desensitizes our community and destroys lives. A word that disgusts me even when I speak of it, but it's an issue that goes on in our everyday lives. We are faced with many questions like does the viewing of pornography increase the incidence of rape? Does it lead to anti-social behavior? Does it cause people to disrespect women? Is it morally wrong in or of itself? The answers to these questions are nothing more than basically being correct. In my point of view this is exactly what pornography does. The meaning of the word pornography is a graphic or oral depiction of erotic subjects intended to arouse sexual excitement in the audience. The meaning might not sound as bad, but the actual act is degrading. There are, as you may not know, two types of pornography. Soft-core pornography is a mere erotic material, which is made to arouse the audience, and hard -core pornography is classified as erotic material, which is more explicit and intense. This subject may not have a negative effect on some people because we don't know what it actually does to our society. Some of you may think that there is nothing wrong with pornography, right? But if I tell you that this $8 billion a year business is harmful to individuals, families and communities and that it is proven to often be the triggering cause of; child abuse; drug abuse; violent crimes against women; teen pregnancy; suicide; broken marriages and lives, then will there be something wrong? Pornography is not just on televisions and magazines, it's everywhere. Even on computers, satellite, in the mail, phones and videotape. It doesn't matter how you use it; it is all the same thing. It affects even those who do not consume it. In our society, the need to be satisfied is very strongly needed and for some people, pornography is a satisfaction. But to what extent is pornography satisfying? Definitely not to the extent which causes harm to people. FBI statistics reveal that one in three girls and one in seven boys will be molested by age 18. In a survey of 100 people, men and women, 66 say that pornography does cause violence, 17 say no and 17 gave no response. Pornography, in the sense of its effects on human behaviour, sometimes is a chemical for abuse of people. Police, psychiatric, district attorney, social worker and other professional case-note's sometimes contain data about people who were assaulted, molested, or otherwise physically abused by people acting out pornographic fantasies inspired by the pornography they used. This just shows the extent that people go to, to satisfy their needs. The pornography business legitimizes and encourages rape, torture and degradation of women. Filming real or simulated sexually explicit acts of sexual torture, abuse, degradation or terrorism against real people creates it. Pornographic scenarios are fantasy and fiction. Real women, children and even men do not enjoy being raped, tortured, bound, gang raped, mutilated, penetrated by dogs, horses or snakes, or being murdered. Yet these types of bizarre images contribute to the pornographic industry. An example of this would be what they call "snuff films". Snuff films are real videos of women and children being raped and then murdered. There was an interesting and disgusting story in one of the books that I read. It shows five eight-year-old girls receiving their first communion. Suddenly a motorcycle gang breaks into the church. Right then, you know what is going to happen, but you can't stop from closing your eyes. And here there is a surprise. Instead of immediately commencing to rape the girls, the gang pauses to beat up the priest with chains. Then they crucify him to the cross above the altar. Finally, the sex begins. You can actually see the little girls bleeding. All of them are screaming except the movie is silent and you can't hear their cries. All of this talk about pornography really bothers people especially parents. How can they

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