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Discrimination is unfair treatment of a group; unequal treatment because of a person s race, religion, ethnic background, or place of birth. Three examples of people who experienced discrimination in the late 1800 s and early 1900 s were African Americans, different kinds of ethnic groups, and woman workers. By 1920, slavery had largely disappeared; however, African Americans still faced prejudice and discrimination. In 1821, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania passed a law that prohibited African Americans from voting. Most communities would not allow African Americans to attend public schools and barred them from public facilities as well. Often, African Americans were forced into segregated schools and hospitals. Another damaging effect on African Americans was that they had to take the lowest paying jobs. Only a few were well to do business people. Being treated poorly by people was much better than to be enslaved. Immigration was also another reason for people to discriminate against other people. In the mid 1800 s to early 1900 s, abundant numbers of immigrants entered America from all over Europe and Asia. Many of the new comers were either Catholics or Jews, and very few spoke English. Because of this, they did not blend in good with the American society. Many people felt like outsiders and clustered together into urban neighborhoods made up of the same nationality. Immigrants usually did this because they did not want to interfere with the American society. The only good treatment towards immigrants and different ethnic groups were that they worked in factories for long hours, for short pay. In addition, people from Japan and China came as well. These people brought a lot of strange cultures to America and were forced out by acts that the American government had passed. Immigrants and different ethnic groups didn t come to America to take away land from the Americans. They saw America as a land of opportunity and jobs, plentiful and affordable land, and a chance for a better life. Discrimination against woman workers was another major act done at this time. Woman mostly worked in factories and mill houses. Most employers of these factories and mills discriminated against woman, by paying them less money than the male workers. Even when men formed unions, they excluded woman from joining. Most men wanted women put out of these factories and mills because they were taking the place of jobs availabl

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