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Abortion I think is very bad. Abortion is the killing of an unborn child. The abortion clinics use many cruel and discusting techniques to kill the unborn baby. On way is they take a vaccuum and suck the child out break it into pieces. Another way is they take a sharp knife or something and they scrape the baby out while cutting it into pieces. Another way is they give the mother a pill to make the birth come early. When the baby comes out they just put in a bin a just leave it ther

My view on the abortion is pro-choice so I will debate the issue from the pro-life point of view. Abortion is in a word: murder. There is no way around it , people that have abortions are committing a crime. If one was killing a person who could defend themselves they would go to jail but the people who have abortions just get continue on with their sinful lives. Pro-choice promoters say that it is an embryo and having an abortion is nothing but when the sperm attaches to the egg , li

There are many women who have choices to make in life that can be difficult or easy. One very difficult decision is whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. Most people should think before they act. If a woman has to terminate a pregnancy, it is because she wasn't planning to get pregnant or because she did not use birth control. Women of today sometimes make the wrong choices when they are with their boyfriends. People who get abortions, do it because they feel that they made a mistak

Abortion is the termination of an unborn fetus. In today's society there is a lot of controversy over this issie. Many people have views that say abortion is both right and wrong, while others are primarily focused on it either being right, or wrong. I for one am completely against the whole abortion issue. Only in extremely special circumstances do I feel it could be of use. In our world today, more than one fourth of women who become pregnant each year end up having an abortion. Some excuse

My thoughts on abortion Abortion is one of the toughest controversial issues. On the side of feminist and pro-abortionists, abortion is women's right to choose and best healing for raped woman.For the religious group and pro-lifers, abortion is a kind of murder because unborn babies and even fetus are life. Also the term of abortion is conflicted between pro-life and pro-choice. Thesedays, pro-abortionist insist on partial birth abortion and late-term abortion while pro-life activist

ABORTION 1. What are the issues? Abortion has been a major subject in the eyes of Americans for the past thirty years. It is something that Political Parties (ex. Right To Life) are chosen by and it is an issue that people are very passionate about. People feel that having an abortion should be considered murder while other people think its a very acceptable practice. 2. What Laws are there? Abortion Right are decided by the State. New York State say sthat a Justifiable Abortional Ac

I wish I would have said something about abortion and the new pill that came out. I wish that that pill would have never came out and I wish that none of the abortion methods ever came about. I believe no one in this world has the right to take the life of another human being no matter how old they are. I believe that babies should not be killed because they cannot even defend themselves in any way. The parents of that baby should be thrown in jail because they are murders. So they belong

Abortion do we really know what it means? Is it really "Good"? Abortion, the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus from the before it has reached the stage of viability. An Abortion may occur spontaneously in which case it is called miscarriage or it may be brought on purpose, it is usually called an induced abortion. An induced abortion has been a topic of dispute for hundreds of years one question is whether the law, and the people permit it? If so which circumstances, if any, should be allo

The definition of euthanasia means "easy death", which comes from the Greek term eu thanatos. Today we refer to euthanasia as mercy killing, "the voluntary ending of life of someone who's terminally or hopelessly ill." An example of euthanasia is abortion, which has become a legal way of death. There are many opinions on abortion, and mine is that it is absolutely wround. My opinion is backed up by what we refer to as mercy killing, "the voluntary ending of life of someone who's termina

The Issue of Abortion Abortion should be legal because it is the natural right of the parents. Rape, inability to provide good living conditions, incest are all legitimate reasons for an abortion. After three months of being pregnant you should have decided already if you are ready to take on the responsibility of a child. By the third month they are beginning to develop fingers and toes, and are almost ready to respond to outside stimulation. Up until that point I feel that it shoul