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In Thomas' "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night," he depicts the inevitability of death through repetition and diction. Furthermore, he portrays the stages of man's life in his comparison to "good men, "wild men," and grave men." Finally, Thomas' medium of poetic expression presents itself in the villanelle. The villanelle's persona speaks in this poem as the son of a dying father. Line sixteen states "And you, my father,…" and this proves the speaker's persona. The old man, at h

Reilyism Speech The founding of entire nation was forged on the principle that all men are created equal under the law. This is the essence of our Declaration of Independance and the philosophy behind the Constition. We, through history, have made certain that ALL people in this country have equality before the law. We have set uup the premise that all people are equal before the law. Lady Justice is blind to Race, Religion, _________ . We have declared that there is no such thing as sub-huma

Judith Jarvis Thomson, in “A Defense of Abortion”, argues that even if we grant that fetuses have a fundamental right to life, in many cases the rights of the mother override the rights of a fetus. For the sake of argument, Thomson grants the initial contention that the fetus has a right to life at the moment of conception. However, Thomson explains, it is not self-evident that the fetus's right to life will always outweigh the mother's right to determine what goes on in her

I agree that human rights do not lend themselves to neat formulae. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) aims at guarding the interest of people residing in different countries. However, the political and cultural environment of a country would shape these rights. Some of the rights the essay would be discussing are the equality of the sexes, right to freedom of speech and education. Contrary to the West, women in Asia are often exploited and deprived of their rights in many ar

The need for emergency shelters has shown a dramatic incline in the past years. The demand for emergency shelters has rose 500% since 1988 (“Not Gone, but Forgotten?” 1). Many of people every night are stranded outside with not even a blanket for the night because all the shelters are full and sometimes the shelters will not except certain people. In some places, the waiting list to get board on a full time shelter will range from 18 to 20 months for families. The need for emergen

Two Brands of Nihilism As philosopher and poet Nietzsche s work is not easily conformable to the traditional schools of thought within philosophy. However, an unmistakable concern with the role of religion and values penetrates much of his work. Contrary to the tradition before him, Nietzsche launches vicious diatribes against Christianity and the dualistic philosophies he finds essentially life denying. Despite his early tutelage under the influence of Schopenhauer s philosophy, Nietzsche lat

‘Thou shall not kill’ – a rather strong statement that regardless of what religion one believes in, should be implemented at all costs. No man has the right to end another person’s life, and that should be applied to from the big picture of warfare down to the little life inside a woman’s body. The arguments thrown by both the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life advocates have their own merits, but all this arguing will never end unless we set a common ground to understand t

Half of the arguments regarding abortion speaks of the complex jargon for human rights laws and statutes. The other half screams of emotional dilemmas and personal beliefs. In that line of difference lies the controversial question, is abortion a form of murder or is it the better option? A lot of legal and moral questions have been raised and the answers are anchored from various perspectives as expected, and often concludes in a religious note. However, it is important to keep in mind that


A study noted that there can be at least 36 million cases of abortion across the world in a year, and about 10 million of those cases are illegal. In United States alone, approximately one-third of pregnancies are terminated each year. Today’s society is eyeing abortion as a big issue of morality and choice, in fact, it has been ultimately controversial since time immemorial. At some point, this issue has formed two opposing sides: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice.

What if all the aborted children in the world, lived? As a “what if” question, this cannot be answered definitively - in fact, this cannot be answered at all. One can never reach upon an answer to a query that is never meant to be satisfied. At the same time, it is this insatiability that allows for a simultaneously inexhaustible avenue of thought. Life is an all-encompassing reality, such that it cannot possibly be apprehended even by the best of efforts. Difficulty res