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The article 'The Fight Against Female Foeticide A Step In The Right Direction' by Dueep Jyot Singh (June 15) really touched my heart. After reading the article I feel I can hear the cries of the numerous female babies who are killed every minute. A baby is considered the pride of every woman, and how can one stop oneself from being a proud mother just because the baby is a girl. Is it written in any religious book or for that matter in any other

Abortion depends solely on the mother’s decision  

A perennial focus of discourse, abortion has long been disputed. Despite its legal status in many progressive nations, the question remains – is it ethical? People’s views fall into only two categories: pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-choice advocates reason that the decision to terminate a pregnancy can only be made by the mother and n

Women must have access to safe, legal abortion

Abortions will continue because of reasons and circumstances beyond control, for purposes that are more than valid - to save mothers’ lives and in many cases, to spare themselves and the unborn of misery. In countries that ban abortion, women suffer greatly. Fear of imprisonment prompts women to resort to illegal abortion that grossly endangers the mother’s life. Worse, in some countries, pregnancy from rape or incest does not

Abortion clinics enable women to exercise their rights. There is ongoing deliberation to close down abortion clinics all over the United States. If successful, this will impede societal progress and regress to an era when women were deprived of basic rights. 

Prior to 1973, abortion-related injuries and deaths had been prevalent due to absence of safe and legal abortion as it was c