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Real World Economic Applications The basics At the beginning of the semester we were told that we are all economist making economic decision on a daily basis to which I agree. We then went on to study and discuss a great many economic terms, concepts and applications. Some of which were interesting while others bored me to tears. Yet after all is said and done how much of what we have learned will we be able to apply to our real world? And in doing so will it be more than just a recantation

1. Finance for Working capital Requirement Net working capital consists for its current assets minus its current liabilities. Current assets, principally cash and short term securities, account receivable, and inventories, are assets that can normally converted into cash within one year. Current Liabilities principally shot-term borrowings, accounts payable, and taxes payable, are obligations that are expected to come due within one year. Thus, working capital management and financing

Tax deductibility of expense – a problem of area in Slovak law The Slovak Republic has been engaged in competition with surrounding countries to attract foreign investors. One aspect of the continuing competition is that many countries have lowered their corporate income tax rate. The Slovak Government reduced its corporate income tax rate to 29% effective from January 1, 2000 and it is proposed to reduce this further in future. However, this tax rate does not tell the whole stor

TABLE OF CONTENTS. INTRODUCTION. PROCEDURE. FINDINGS. 1.0 INVESTMENT RATIOS – MEASURES OF EFFICIENCY. 1.1 Earnings per Share. 1.2 P/E Ratio or Price / Earnings Ratio 1.3 Dividend Yield. 1.4 Dividend Cover. 2.0 PRIMARY OPERATING RATIOS – MEASURES OF EFFICIENCY. 2.1 Return on Capital Employed 2.2 Debtors Turnover Ratio 2.3 Creditors Turnover Ratio 2.4 Return on Shareholders’ Fund 3.0 PRIMARY FINANCIAL RATIOS – GEARING AND LIQUITY. 3.1 Gearing Ratio 3.2 Liquidity

Measurement 1. Measuring Tiny Objects Background: The larger the number of particles measured, the more accurately one can determine the measurements of a single particle. Purpose: to determine the thickness of a tissue Materials: A box tissues, metric ruler, calculator Procedure: 1. With the ruler, measure the thickness of a single tissue. Thickness of tissue = ___________ cm 2. With the ruler, measure the thickness of 50 tissues. Thickness of 50 tissues = ___________ cm 3.

THERMOFORMING Thermoforming is one of many manufacturing processes that converts plastic resin into usable everyday products. Thermoforming is greatly relied on in today's society because of the tremendous need for high volume plastic products. Thermoforming is considered to be one of the most cost-effective processes in plastics manufacturing. Thermoforming is considerably economical because of the low molding costs and fast molding cycles. Speed and cost efficiency are the highligh

1.1 Percentage Analysis 1.1.1 Trend percentages - see appendix 1.1 Profit and loss statement Net salesNet sales have increased by 5% in 1998 Cost of goods soldCost of good sold has also increased by 55 in 1998. this is an expected increase as their amount of sales has increased. Selling - General and AdministrativeThe cost of selling has increased by 4%. Once again this could be expected because the umber of sales has increased. Total ExpensesTotal expenses has increased by 5%. Operati

This lab that we had done was to test water for chemicals such as chlorine, calcium, surfate, and iron. We accomplished this lab by getting a 12-well wellplate. We put in the well plate Iron (3), calcium, chlorine, and sulfate. Underneath each we put tap water, and underneath that we put distilled water for a control. We added KSCN to the iron 3, one sample of tap water and one sample of distilled water. We compared the results of each and recorded them on our data sheet. We did the

Although I never had a good reason to cheat on a test, I always wanted to just because I had thought of some good ways to do it. I realized that teachers were on the "look out" constantly for cheaters, which sparked my interest. How could I pull it off? The fist trick requires a special kind of pen. Usually obtained from vacations to Florida, these pens have water in a hollow chamber around the center of the tube. There is usually some kind of picture of a boat that will go from one end of th

Planning Retirement People of all ages should begin planning for retirement and managing their money well so they are ensured enough income when they do retire. Retirees estimate that people will need 71% of their pre-retirement income to maintain their current lifestyles. Stocks and 401(k) plans are recommended. Facts Nonretired Americans with household incomes that average more than $50,000 assumes they won t be able to retire until age 59. More than a third of affluent retirees with chi