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Bill Davis Accounting Dell Computers Brief Back Ground Dell Computers is one of the world's top PC makers and the world's #1 direct-sale computer vendor. Led by founder Michael Dell -- the longest-tenured CEO of any major US computer company, who owns 12% of his creation -- the company sells hardware and markets third-party software and peripherals. Products include PCs (about 55% of sales), notebooks, and network servers. Government entities, large businesses, and educational insti

The Balance Sheet Although the balance sheet was first implemented just a couple of centuries ago, it has quckly developed and sophisticated to become nowadays a widely used and powerful tool in the hands of professional users, well known and popular even among the mass public. In spite of its prominence, or may be because of it, the balance sheet can not be easily and fully described in a few words, but still, if we leave aside its various functions and forms and any other subject

Part A 1. Directors AJ lane, WJ Locke, JF Kelly, JR Cadwaallader, DG Lane, HA Lynch, IA Pollard, RC Milne 2. Total Sales = $475,264,000 (1997) (Before Abnormal items) 3. Sales revenue for the consolidated entity, for the year ended 30 June 1996, was $449745000. 4. Equity method used when company has significance influence but not control of investee company OPSM use consolidation method which means it has control over other investee. 5. Total interest expenses for the consolidated ent

Created by EDGAR Online, Inc. COCA COLA CO Income Statement2 Period End: Dec 31, 1999 Date Filed: Mar 9, 2000 Values in this worksheet are in millions, except where noted. 1 YE 12/31/99 1 YE 12/31/98 1 YE 12/31/97 (In millions except per share data) NET OPERATING REVENUES $19,805 $18,813 $18,868 Cost of goods sold 6,009 5,562 6,015 GROSS PROFIT 13,796 13,251 12,853 Selling, administrative and general expenses 9,001 8,211 7,792 Other Operating Charges 813 73

Project #1 Olga Kononova BMGT495 I. Tobacco is a plant that grows in a wide range of soil and climate conditions. Its non-edible leaf is dried and used to produce cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars, chewing tobacco and snuff. Companies that manufacture and market cigarettes, snuff, cigars, chewing tobacco, and other tobacco products, are tobacco industries. UST Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates predominantly in the tobacco industry as a manufacturer and marketer of moi

Introduction The business world has continued to grow over the past century, although only recently has a new market for business arrived. This new market is able to reach billions of people around the world at a click of a button. This business opportunity has emerged in the World Wide Web. Many companies have successfully tapped this resource and have made millions upon millions of dollars off of distributing services or goods to the billions of people that log on everyday. Busin

Facts: Taxpayers will be reimbursed by the corporation for all out of pocket expenses incurred including transportation, and lodging expenses. However, taxpayers will not be reimbursed for costs incurred in the operation and maintenance of employee home offices. Issues: 1. What procedures must the corporation take in developing and carrying out any type of accountable plan? 2. What should employees be aware of regarding tax treatment of reimbursements and unreimbursed employee exp

The Four Laws to Debt Free Prosperity The object of this book is to teach people how to manage their money in order to stay out of debt and plan ahead for the future. This book goes over several suggestions or laws but focuses on four main ones. To work with the other laws you must first learn and master the first which is Tracking daily expenses. By doing this one sees how to ease financial problems by finding money that slips through the cracks. If one pays attention to every det

Real World Economic Applications The basics At the beginning of the semester we were told that we are all economist making economic decision on a daily basis to which I agree. We then went on to study and discuss a great many economic terms, concepts and applications. Some of which were interesting while others bored me to tears. Yet after all is said and done how much of what we have learned will we be able to apply to our real world? And in doing so will it be more than just a recantation

Tax deductibility of expense – a problem of area in Slovak law The Slovak Republic has been engaged in competition with surrounding countries to attract foreign investors. One aspect of the continuing competition is that many countries have lowered their corporate income tax rate. The Slovak Government reduced its corporate income tax rate to 29% effective from January 1, 2000 and it is proposed to reduce this further in future. However, this tax rate does not tell the whole stor