Affirmative Action

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Affirmative Action = Reverse Discrimination We are all aware that discrimination took place over 50 years ago. What some might not be aware of is that because of the actions of our ancestors, we, white males, are held responsible and are penalized because of these actions. Affirmative action is a way to help minorities in sex and race to get accepted into colleges or get hired for jobs while the white males suffer from what took place over 50 years ago. Affirmative action is reverse

In times of today most topics of conversation generally have something to do with politics and hot political issues. Everything from abortion to gun control to affirmative action and that’s exactly what I am going to talk about, affirmative action. What exactly is affirmative action? According to Dr. Norman Lewis of Time Magazine affirmative action is a call for minorities and women to be given special treatment in cases of employment and education. Personally I think that it is tot

Affirmative Action is Ridiculous Affirmative action is a step backwards. We are back to color and race differences. We are all Americans. Affirmative action should be abolished solely because we do not want to make the same mistake our society made in the past --- discriminate according to color. Two wrongs do not make a right. Many people say that we should keep affirmative action to render fairness to the minorities because of the wrongs that was once put on to them. This simply do

Affirmative Action is Equal Opportunity Discrimination occurs all over America. The solution to this problem in the workplace and in recieving education was affirmative action, an executive order signed by President John F. Kennedy calling for an end to discrimination in the work place and education. Affirmative action has given many opportunities to minorities and women. Equal opportunity is the ultimate goal of affirmative action and that is exactly what it has pr

I. Why do we need affirmative action? Unfortunatly, this country still very much needs affirmative action and the arguments used to attack affirmative action, both overt and covert, are dead wrong. Several arguments have been used against affirmative action which I will try to list here. One argument is that it is no longer needed, women and minorities have plenty of jobs. Just a quick look at the numbers proves this wrong. More importantly, though, is that women and minorities often make le

What is Affirmative Action? It is something used in the American society to ensure that minorities are given an equal oppurtunity.This sounds like a good idea. WRONG! I personally feel that Affirmative action has made no improvement in our nation, and I feel that it must be stopped. I have 3 areas of analysis to support my conclusions, and they are as follows, affirmative action deprives those within the majority to advance and succeed, it encourages its supposed beneficiaries to rely on the g

Effects of Affirmative Action on Society and the Quality of Life of the People Now that we have been given a brief overview of the history of affirmative action, I will discuss the positive and negative aspects of the policy, which effect society and the quality of life of the people. Affirmative Action was implemented with the idea and hope that America would finally become truly equal. The tension and struggle of the Civil Rights Movement had made it very clear that the America s minority

Affirmative action, what's that mean to you? There are many misconceptions about this act; for example, many opposing sides of this will argue that affirmative action will cause employers to turn down a qualified white man for a job, and higher a unqualified minority, or woman instead. The reasoning is because they currently have so many white men on the job. Fortunately this is not true; affirmative action gives women and minorities who are "qualified", of course, to obtain a job equally.

When it comes to affirmative action I have mixed emotions and opinions. Although I hate what affirmative action does and what it represents I strongly support its continuance. I hate the fact that affirmative action defeats the ideal of awards such as jobs and college admissions going to those who deserve them. Providing the less qualified to get the job, while the better qualified is left in the cold for something that is not their fault. If all people are created equal, then shouldn t hirin

What is affirmative action? The purpose of affirmative action is to bring about increased opportunities for disadvantaged groups. The supposed goal is to move beyond equal opportunity and towards equal results, but is that the case? Is affirmative action really fair? Since setting different standards for different races prohibits equality, affirmative action is wrong and does not represent true equality. Affirmative action tried to help women and minorities, but in the process, reverse d