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In this day and age, animals are still being used to test products. Millions of animals suffer and die in painful tests to determine the safety of products such as cosmetics, soaps and medicines. The fact is that the test results often don t help prevent or treat human illness or injury. In the past people said that this type of testing was justified, the truth is that this testing should be banned. The testing of cosmetics on animals is cruel. Substances such as eye shadow and soaps are

Speaking Outline: Animal Testing Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience about the three major ways of how scientific experiments on animal is inhumane. Introduction I. Put yourself into an animal’s position. Imagine that you are being poked and probed by needles for the benefits of humans. II. Animals are being abuse more and more everyday in scientific experiments. III. I have pets and I’m against animal testing, so knowing that animals are used in research is appalling.

Over 80 Million animals die a year due to animal testing, yet it is still legal. Letting even 1,000 humans die a year due to laboratory testing would be unethical and illegal, but testing millions of animals is legal and accepted by many people in our society. The fact that animals are not equal to humans doesn't give us the right to allow them to be sacrificed, tortured, and destroyed just so we can wear makeup, perfume, and other beauty products. Animal testing is morally wrong, unethical

Animal Testing…Right or Wrong? In the 1880’s, Louis Pasteur conducted one of the most unpleasant series of animal experiments in the history of the fight against infectious disease. Unable to see the organism that causes rabies with the microscopes available, he convinced a skeptical medical community of the microorganism’s existence and also the possibility of vaccinating against it. He did this by doing work on rabbits and dogs. In 1885, after much heart searching,

...The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men. Leonardo Da Vinci Animal experimentation is such a harsh thing. Many people are unaware as to what goes on in animal testing. Numerous products that are widely used were tested on animals, such as Crest toothpaste, Secret deodorant, Tide detergent, and many others. There are arguments that animal research is based on a false assumption, that results obtained through anima

How to Win The Battle Against The Animal Rights Movement by Russell Hillis Coronation, Alberta December 1996 If you are a pet owner, hunter, livestock owner, equestrian fan, meat eater, or use animals in any other way please read this. Keep in mind that all animal rights groups are opposed to everything you take for granted. Animals rights groups believe that NO animal should be used as a companion, as a food source, as a transportation source or any other way that is useful to hum

Abstract Are we to let concern for the ‘rights’ of pests cost human lives? The answer is a simple one—no. Animal research, although often the subject of debate is a positive thing. Without it, where would the world be? Tests certainly cannot be done on humans, for what human will risk his or her life if there is a more convenient and sensible option. Yes the animals endure pain and, at times, lose their lives but new advances are being made in that field as well. Studies are al

 Animal Testing “Beauty without cruelty” is the outcry that can be heard from animal right activists around the world. The FDA does not require companies to perform tests on animals but if the cosmetic product contains chemicals that can be seen as toxins, testing becomes a necessity. There are currently thirteen safety tests that are performed on animals. Anti-testing activists deem these unnecessary and consider them to be cruel. “Fourteen million animals are used

When someone mentions animal rights what comes to mind? My mind flashes back to a print ad a couple of years ago with half-a-dozen naked models holding up a sign saying We d rather be naked then wear fur! I was very happy to support their cause to stop people from wearing fur as a fashion statement. But when I found out what the animal rights groups stood for, I disagree with their cause and the steps they took to enforce their beliefs on others. Animal rights is against all animal us

It’s not a new thing. For many centuries scientists and testers in research have used animals of all kinds. Most of the animals are small ones like rodents - rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils. Some dogs, cats and a variety of goats, monkeys and rabbits have also been used. The animal rights issue is an emotional one - second only, perhaps, to the abortion debate. For decades the value of animal research has been grossly overrated. Although researchers claim that they depend on animal