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Persian Influence on Greco-Roman Culture He stands there, examining a beautiful white column, with perfect curves around it and an exquisite capital that shows detailed architecture. He twists his head to the right just a bit to read the official description. He is in the Louvre museum and a bit surprised. He was expecting to read "Pre-Hellenistic Greek Column," but stunned, he realizes that it says "columns of Persepolis, circa 500 B.C.E." "That's surprising", he says to himself "I could hav

The Hunter art museum was built in 1904. Its original purpose was to be a home for the wealthy insurance broker Ross Faxon. Its site was chosen to overlook the Tennesee river. It was sold a to the widow of Benjamin F. Thomas and then to George Thomas Hunter who later left the house to be used for the public after his death. It was then opened as a art museum in 1952. It was completely restored in 1996. Its architectural design is that of the early 1900’s. It was built in the classic

"...having a good start, not only do I fully intend to be the greatest architect who has yet lived, but fully intend to be the greatest architect who will ever live. Yes, I intend to be the greatest architect of all time." - Frank Lloyd Wright 1867-1959 It appears that from the very beginning, Frank Lloyd Wright was destined by fate or determination to be one of the most celebrated architects of the twentieth century. Not only did Wright possess genius skills in the spatial cognition,

Just imagine you are standing 300 meters that is 984 ft above the ground, looking down at the beautiful city of Paris. The wind is blowing at your face and it is messing up your hair, but you do not care. You are on the top of the highest building in the center of culture, the magnificent Paris and that is all that matters. Yes, you are standing on top of Eiffel Tower. This is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Paris, the tall, lean tower. But have you ever won

1. Bouffrand: Salon de la Princess, hotel de Soubise, Paris, France, begun 1730 s Salon de la Princess, is a many sided cylindrical interior room and is part of the Rococo style that incorporates minimal architectural features and light airy decor, that develops into a profession of interior design. Rococo is the revolt against complicated Baroque that decorated the interior of Versailles, in revolt against the palace and after the death of Louis XIV, French women who had city houses in Paris

Michelangelo s David Michelangelo Buonarroti was born in the small village of Carprese and grew up in Florence. Florence was the artistic center of the early Renaissance, a period of outstanding artistic innovation and accomplishment that began in the early 1400s. The master pieces that surrounded Michelangelo were his best teachers-ancient Greek and Roman statuary, and the paintings, sculpture, and architecture of early Renaissance masters Masaccio, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Donatello, Jacopo dell

.......having a good start not only do I fully intend to be the greatest architect who has yet lived, but fully intend to be the greatest architect who will ever live. Yes, I intend to be the greatest architect of all time. - Frank Lloyd Wright 1867-1959 CHILDHOOD Born in Richland Center, in southwestern Wisconsin, on June 8, 1867 (Sometimes reported as 1869) Frank Lincoln Wright (Changed by himself to Frank Lloyd Wright) was raised in the influence of a welsh heritage. The Lloy

The 1998/1999 academic year was spent by myself and four companions in Paris. This period of my life still evokes nostalgic memories and as a result the city will forever remain as one of my favourite destinations. When faced with the task of composing an essay about a factor of Paris that affected me, I was first tempted to describe one of the negative aspects of the city (it has more than its fare share) such as the ugly face of racism or the seemingly common practise of nepotism and corrupt

The Tomb Effigy of Jaquelin deFerriere (Limestone, North French, late 13th century) is unusual in style for the time and place in which it was created. In the 13th century, Gothic art in France consisted of more three dimensional sculpture and more of a variety in the poses of the figures than in the Romanesque period which preceded it. The Tomb Effigy of Jaquelin deFerriere falls into the transition period between the Romanesque (11th- 12th century) and Gothic time-frames (12th- 15th cent

In the Florence Cathedral, Florence, Italy, there is a cathedral church whose octagonal dome, built without the aid of scaffolding, was considered the greatest engineering feat of the early Renaissance. Dedicated to Santa Maria del Fiore, Our Lady of the Flower, it is also known as the Duomo, after the Italian word for cathedral. Created by many great Early Modern artists, this piece of architecture is a perfect example the Renaissance style. We can come to a better understanding of why