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Satellites have been the guiding force of human space exploration for a long as space exploration has existed. The following material that is being presented is overview of satellite history and I hope all readers of this material find that it is informative and interesting. A satellite is any object that orbits a larger object. This being so makes the most famous satellite, our moon. (picture of moon from Apollo 11) Since early times humans have been fascinated with our moon, and

Click Here For Research Papers Online! Thesis: Military aircraft has become more sophisticated in variety, effectiveness in war situations, and special maneuvering techniques in recent years. Military aircraft has become more sophisticated in variety, effectiveness in war situations, and special maneuvering techniques in recent years. With the advance of stealth technology, many new and very effective aircraft have been developed. The F-117A was used during Operation Dessert Stor

Click Here For Research Papers Online! NEW EYE TRACKING TECHNIQUES IMPROVE REALISM OF AIRCRAFT SIMULATORS A simulated flight environment for pilot training may soon be made more realistic through the use of eye-tracking technology developed by researchers at the University of Toronto's Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IMBE). Many safety and cost benefits are obtained by training aircraft pilots under simulated conditions, but to be effective the simulation must be convicingly re

Aviation Powerplants Aviation has reshaped modern life and has provided for extreme convenience for traveling businessmen, vacationers, and thrillseekers alike. It also plays a key role in military operations of all kinds. Although aircraft design progression plays a predominant role in advancing speed, agility, utility, and entertainment; none of these would be possible without powerplant development, refinement and modification. Aviation powerplants originated with the Wright flyer a

The F-14 Tomcat is the main defender of the U.S. fleet. With its high speed and ultra-long- range weapons, the F-14 can operate hundreds of miles away from its carrier base. The Tomcat AWG-9 radar can engage six targets at once and its Phoenix missiles can kill hostile bombers 90 miles away, before they can launch their attacks. The Tomcat is one of the world's true "Top Guns!" A Tomcat aircrew are an elite within an elite. Pilot and backseat Naval Flight Officer act as a carefully coor

Designs and technologies of fighter aircraft's have come a long way this past half century, enabling aircraft's to break the sound barrier and fly at speeds of mach 1, something they do now is a matter of routine. Wing platform has changed from strait to swept wings. The use of exotic metals and materials is increasing, and more powerful propulsion units are being developed. the idea was to get a fighter aircraft with a wing optimized for a high load factor and bullet fr

Biological warfare is war waged with deadly chemicals, biological agents, or radioactive materials (CBR). They can be used to kill large amounts of people, destroy food, or just temporarily stun them for a matter of time so troops can come in and torture them or do whatever troops led by an manipulative tyrant who destroys everything. Using CBR, allowed you to kill everything and leave the buildings standing instead of nuclear weapons which destroy everything, put fallout in the air, and ha

Introduction Security for airline passengers currently is handled in two arenas-one international and one national. Internationally security standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Annex 17, offers a least common denominator approach to security. While accepted internationally, these standards fall short of providing a tough set of measures that protect air carriers that have been targeted by terrorists. For countries like Ireland, however, Annex 17 is a starting

For more info contact : ali@datavision.com.au Fatigue has been an issue in long-haul flight operations since the firsttransoceanic crossing by Charles Lindbergh. Today, modern aircraft havethe capability to fly farther, are more highly automated, and require fewerflight crewmembers for operation. While aircraft and the operational demandsof a global aviation industry have evolved, human requirements for sleephave not. Therefore, the physiological capabilities and limitations ofthe human oper

Brothers in Flight The Wright Brothers The Airplane Two Brothers by the last name of Wright, a name that will rest in the history books of time forever. Orville and Wilbur Wright specialized in the development of aeronautics in its early stages. The two brothers are known for inventing and flying the first practical airplane. These American aviators Orville and Wilbur Wright of Dayton, Ohio are to this day considered the inventors of the first successful, manned flying machine. The