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Click Here For Research Papers Online! subject = Biology title = The Giant Clam papers = Please put your paper here. The Giant Clam The giant clam is known as a reef dwelling mollusk. The domestication factor has become of large importance to the Indo-Pacific peoples. Mainly in the area of their diet. These huge clams are huge targets for fishermen and can be found easily. With the crystal water complection of the reef waters they live in makes them even easier to

Click Here For Research Papers Online! subject = biology title = Gregor Mendel papers = Gregor Mendel played a huge role in the underlying principles of genetic inheritance. Gregor was born, July 22 1822 in Heinzendorf, Austrian Silesia (now known as Hyncice, Czech Republic), with the name Johann Mendel. He changed his name to Gregor in 1843. He grew up in an Augustinian brotherhood and he learned agricultural training with basic education. He then went on to the Olmutz Philosophical

Click Here For Research Papers Online! subject = biology title = Biology Instinct papers = Insects are neumerout invertebrate animals that belong in the Phylum Arthropoda and Class Insecta. The class Insecta is divided into 2 subclasses: Apterygota, or wingless insects, and Pterygota, or winged insects. Subclass Pterygota is futher divided on basis of metamorphosis. Insects that have undergone incomplete metamorphosis are the Exopterygota. Insects that undergo complete metamorp

Click Here For Research Papers Online! name = Fnord Discordia email = publish = yes subject= Biology title = Mitochondria and Chloroplast Essay papers = Biology Mitochondria and Chloroplast Essay I. Introduction Out of all the organelles there are two that have fascinated microbiologists for the past hundred years. The first is the mitochondria, nicknamed the "powerhouse of the cell." The second is the chloroplast in plant cells that have functions s

The Biothics of Cloning Bioethics, which is the study of value judgments pertaining to human conduct in the area of biology and includes those related to the practice of medicine, has been an important aspect of all areas in the scientific field (Bernstein, Maurice, M.D.). It is one of the factors that says whether or not certain scientific research can go on, and if it can, under which rules and regulations it must abide by. One of the most recent and controversial issues facing our socie

Click Here For Research Papers Online! subject = Intro to Biology title = XYY Syndrome papers = XYY Males XYY Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder which affects males due to an extra Y chromosome. Healthy males have 46 chromosomes including one X and one Y chromosome. Men with XYY syndrome have 47 chromosomes, two of which are Y chromosomes. It is not known why the extra Y chromosome occurs. The disorder is present at birth and is estimated to occur in one out of every one thousand li

What are all the different ups and downs of marijuana, what can it be used for, and what is it's role in today's society? Introduction I. Marijuana A. Getting high 1. Effects 2. How B. Hemp 1. What is it for a. Cothes/paper b. Seasoning/cooking II. Use A. History B. Who uses 1. Average user 2. Celebrities III. Medical use A. Pain reliever B. Legalization - yes or no 1. Lincoln quote 2. Current laws IV. Bad Sides A. Death 1. Chart B. Crime and harder drugs 1. St

Click Here For Research Papers Online! papers = Marfan's Syndrome It has been about six months since my brother has been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. He has always been tall for his age, but we never took it for anything more then that. After he broke his arm in a little fall, we brought him to a doctor. After the d The specialist performed alot of different tests on my brother. He first did an echocardiogram, which tests the heart. The process involved bouncing sound waves into the ch

Click Here For Research Papers Online! subject = Biology title = Purple Loosestrife papers = Lvl1 Biology 9/12/96 Purple Loosestrife Lythrum Salicaria L. or Purple Loosestrife is a plant causing much trouble today. It thrives in wetlands and marshes and is impervious to most harsh weather climates. It is indigenous to most parts of Europe Once established, Purple Loosestrife predom ed, this did reduce the plants growing in the now deepened water, but they thrived in the shallow

Tobacco industry are dangerous and that nicotine is addictive. A Liggett official made the statement last week in settling lawsuits by 22 states. The letters a new nationwide poll commissioned by an anti-smoking group indicated that 73 percent of Americans '' should hold hearings on the tobacco industry.'' Democrats held dramatic hearings in 1994 to investigate tobacco industry practices. After Republicans won control of the House in the November 1994 elections, the new majority