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Eugene Delacroix once said, 'The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing.' Writing a great research paper can be stressful. If you are aiming to outshine everyone else or earn kudos for your efforts in facts and graphs, you may be disappointed. You could slave away at a library for hours looking for pertinent information for your paper, and still put every person in the room to sleep when you read it aloud. An important key to an outstanding paper is trusting your in

Inheritance tax is a tax which occurs on the death of an individual. It is the tax paid on a person's estate. Generally, this is everything that a person owns at the time of his/her death, with a reduction of what such person owes. At times, it is also payable on assets, which include things like possessions, money, property, and investments, that may have given away during the lifetime. Assets include. There is a difference between an inheritance tax and an estate tax in the international law.

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Writing is being defined as “words or other symbols such as hieroglyphics written down as a means of communication” (Encarta).The Holy Grail of writing in all spheres of the literary sphere has been good and qualitative writing. The quality of a writer is determined by the quality of his writing tantamount to his ability to fully convey his mental ideas into comprehendible writing that can be effectively decoded by readers. Writing is a form of communication which involves the highly complex

Writing a good essay is dependant upon more than just regurgitating someone else's words or ideas. Writing a good essay stems from knowing and understanding the topic that one is writing about, one's interpretation of those thoughts and ideas, and the ability to relay those thoughts and ideas to others in one's own words. The first step in writing a good essay is to know and understand the topic. Knowing and understanding the topic comes from asking questions. The answers to these

“Half of the world is laughing at the other half and folly rules over all.” WHY BOTHER WRITING WHEN THERE ARE ALREADY SO MANY BOOKS? This should be a normal question for everyone, myself included. One would like to write a book and feel that a contribution had been made to society or to at least feel that someone has benfitted from it. Well, I decided to write for the fun of it and to have the satisfaction that comes with actually seeing your name in print. Quite a rush if you ask