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A Report on Sense and Sensibility Summary: Sense and Sensibility is a story about the Dashwood family, who loses everything when Mr. Dashwood falls suddenly ill and dies unexpectedly. Mr. Dashwood is forced, by law, to leave his fortune and vast estate to his son, Mr. John Dashwood, from his first marriage. These circumstances leave Mr. Dashwood's current wife, and three daughters (Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret) without a home and with hardly enough money to live on. Edward, Fanny Dash

Paul s Case The most difficult part of a person s life is often their teenage years. This is a time when people experience many changes in their emotions and thoughts. This is illustrated in Willa Cather s short story Paul s Case. Paul was drawn to stealing money and skipping town (and ultimately his suicide) because of his religion, Calvinism, the boredom of his lower middle-class town and life, and the inability of his teachers, and his dad to keep him involved in something that was i

The Left Hand of Normality In Ursula Le Guin s novel, The Left Hand of Darkness, Genly Ai, an agent from the Eukemen, is sent to the planet Winter, one of the non-federated planets in the universe. His mission is to see if he can persuade the people from Winter to join the federation. However, Genly soon finds out that the rulers of Winter did not like the idea of being part of a federation, because it might result in a loss of some of their own personal power. Genly is then forced to become

BETRAYAL The American university in Cairo Performing and Visual Arts opened its 1998 Spring Season on February 13th in Wallace Theater on campus with Harold Pinter's play, Betrayal. This play was directed by Eric Grischkat, and the costume design was made by Timaree Mc Cormick. AUC students have strongly participated in the designing, lighting, setting, directing, and in acting. These students were Noha Farouk, Shereef Bishay, Karim Bishay, Ramsi Lehner, and Alaa Shalaby. Betrayal i

In the epic novel of The Odyssey by Homer, the protagonist, Odysseus, display s the best example of a folktale hero. He isn t the son of any God or any supernatural being, and also he does not posses any immortal qualities. A call to an adventurous journey is what later on turns him into a hero. He goes through a 20 year journey fighting against monsters and gods trying to return to his home. In the beginning of the novel Odysseus is the King of Ithaca, a small island near Greece. The Greek,

The short story “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is a story of a man, Goodman Brown, who comes to find out that the people he surrounds himself with are not perfect. During a journey testing his faith, a traveler, the devil, is able to use Brown’s naivete against him. After the devil has his way with Goodman Brown’s mind, Brown is never again able to trust even his wife, who is aptly named Faith, let alone anyone else. Brown’s view on humanity there on is one of

Have you ever played a chess game? It's a game of strategy and quick thinking to move the royalty skillfully, always concentrating on defeating the opposing side. Eiter side can forfeit the life of their king and queen with one costly move. The pawns are the insignificant pieces used to save the most important pieces. In Arthur Miller's The Crucible, the chess game portrays the tragic Salem witch hunts in which innocent livews were made victim of tis evil game started by Abigail, Bett

Medea: Guilty as Charged Men of Corinth, I am here today to confirm who is solely responsible for the death of four innocent victims. Medea. She mischievously murdered the king and his daughter, then proceeded to brutally violate the little bodies of her own children. Some of you may argue that outside factors coerced her to act irrationally. She wants you to believe that pain and suffering caused by Jason s disloyalty drove her mad enough to act out so rashly. However, her selfishnes

Sin, a monster, in and of its self, or is the monster the one who causes the sinner to commit the sin? One may contend that, in Confessions, the monster is neither of these but the sinner, himself. It is neither the sin nor the influence that is the monster but St. Augustine, himself, that is the monster. In order to establish who or what is the monster in Confessions, one must first establish the definition of a monster. Webster's Dictionary defines a monster as "one who deviates from no

The Caged Bird Controversy The novel I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is the life story of Maya Angelou as she struggles through life in the South. Published in 1969, the novel has received critical acclaim since 1970 and spent three years as a number one best seller on the New York Times Best Seller List. (Caged Bird Essay) Although this book has a best seller, it was the ninth most frequently challenged book in American high schools (Caged Bird Essay) and has been a censorship targe