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“GOD HAS CALLED HIM TO HEAVEN,” the headlines read the day after Robert’s death, a death that would become “the defining event of his (Ives) middle-aged life. Even though the entire story of the novel flows to and from that bloody moment, the story beneath the surface, Ives’ resurrection from the grave of grief, revolves around a mystical vision of “four winds.” This puzzling experience has left Ives at a loss for words. “...I wake up every day wondering if I’ll ever

My Side of the Mountain By Jean Craighead George Sam Gribley is tired of living in a crowded New York City apartment with his dad,mom and 8 brothers and sisters, so he runs away looking for his Great-grandfather Gribley’s land in the Catskill Mountain wilderness. The Gribley land had not been inhabited by any Gribley’s for around 100 years. Sam hitched rides trying to get to the farm. Sam thought he prepared himself for this adventure by reading books in the New York City publi

The uncanny originates from the German word Unheimlich meaning unhomely. There is a certain ambiguity regarding the uncanny, as it is not a direct translation. Unheimlich is an untranslatable word, thus making interpreting its meaning becomes somewhat difficult. Originally, the uncanny is a Freudian term used to describe a psychological feeling of terror. According to Sigmund Freud, ‘the uncanny’ derives its terror from something familiar as opposed to the expected alien or unknown. Beca