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Today, when one thinks of the communist form of government, they often think of oppression, domination and corruption. We see that people do not have the freedom to their rights and are not allowed to go forth and conquer their goals. However, communism in its pure form appeared to be fair and just. The idea of communism basically formed around the idea of equality. The people under this rule were to have equal land, as well as equal pay. This way there was to be no form

The Cold War After World War II Russia had East Germany and the rest of the allies had West Germany. George Marshall started a plan that gave European countries billions of dollars to stable the boarders. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was an alliance that was designed to provide linkage to stop the spread of Communism. The NATO was an alliance that used nuclear weapons to defend it's self against Russia. The Soviets then had the bomb after 1949, this created a standoff betwe

Why did modern communism fail? Is it because it did not fulfill its promises? Well, what exactly was it promising? In this essay, the reasons will be presented. Then we can decipher why communism did fall. Karl Marx came up with the theory known as communism. He viewed his theories and beliefs to be very promising for the working class people of the world. He had five basic theories. One, that throughout history, the workers have been exploited by the owners. Two, that the value of a product

The Korean War was a war that at the time, many Americans thought was a worthwhile battle. Latter, people would come to believe that the war was not as important as they believed. The Soviet Union would fall and communism would not be a threat in world’s views. I share the belief that the battle was not as important as it was lead to believe. In the Korean War there were 50,000 Americans killed in attempts to stop the spread of communism. NSC 68 was Truman’s policy for containing

Why Was Communism Feared? After WWII, Americans knew they lived in the strongest and "greatest" country on earth. They were however afraid of communism at home and abroad. Through the reading and discussions in this class I have found the primary reasoning for this fear was because they did not want to think our country could be like the rest. After the war businesses were trying to get back to normal and trying to convert form planes to cars so to speak. The entire economy

Although Ben- Hur and Pu Yi were from entirely different times they both experience many of the same obstacles. Because of the hard ships of the positions in their communities they experienced the rise and fall from riches to rags. Pu Yi being called to be the emperor at a very young age never experienced many hard ships until a later age. When he was older his power was removed due to the entrance of communism. Ben- Hur was a well-respected man in his community for what he

Communism"A specter is haunting Europe the specter of Communism." This was the opening line of Karl Marx's 'Manifesto of the Communist Party' when it was published in 1848. Today, with the apparent failure of so many Communist experiments, the Marxian statement might be rewritten: "A specter is haunting Communism the specter of capitalism." ( Communism, World Book encyclopedia, p891)Marx, Friedrich Engels, Lenin, and the other people that theorized Communism never explained in detail exa

1.) When the president Arbenz gave away the land of the fruit company to the people of Guatemala, it was said to be a communist action. And since Guatemala is a part of the United States, they would have no part of Communism in their land. 2.) The Press reported completely different from what really happened. The press reported it the American people as a complete Communist action, and that Arbenz was trying to turn Guatemala Communists. The press reported it in a propaganda way. 3.) If Dean

The situation that formed in Asia and the Pacific Rim after WWII was basically a battle between the West (America, capitalism) and the East (USSR, communism). The war created two super-powers in Russia and the USA. Russia immediately began to convert all their territory gained into communist puppet governments. This caused disagreement between the US and the USSR. The US then tried to suppress the spread of communism. This started the Cold War. When other countries turned to communism

SOVIET COMMUNISM VS. CHINESE COMMUNISMThe Soviet Union and China are the two important states in the world history that practiced a form of communism. However, communism in the Soviet Union collapsed while it still survives in China. What were the reasons: what caused the collapse in the Soviet Union and why has the Chinese communist-party state has been more durable than the Soviet Union s?The Soviet communism ignored basic human desires like desires to own property and to express your op