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Enduring Issues in Criminology, by Boomstrom, ed., is written in a debate style that allows the reader to compare and contrast major philosophical views such as the rehabilitation debate. This book contains articles of opposing viewpoints on various issues, but we will concentrate on those dealing with rehabilitation. The articles on rehabilitation generally reflect an ideological left or right point of view. Bartollas, a liberal, takes a positivistic approach and supports rehabilitat

Criminology is the scientific study of crime, criminals, criminal behavior, and the criminal justice system. In the United States, it is taught chiefly in departments of criminology and criminal justice of colleges and universities. Criminologists study factors related to crime. Research in criminology involves fields such as sociology, psychology, and psychiatry. Law enforcement greatly depends on criminology. Often, the best method of treating offenders and ways to prevent crime are determi

Forensic Psychology is concerned with emotional and behavioral questions and issues that relate to law and legal systems. Forensic psychologists provide advice to legislators, judges, correctional officers, lawyers and the police. For example, one might be called upon to serve as an expert witness or diagnose and treat incarcerated and probationed offenders. They also screen and evaluate personnel in the law enforcement and judicial systems. Forensic Psychologist set up office in hospitals or

Nathaniel Abraham was eleven years old when he committed the act of murder. Under a 1997 Michigan law a child of any age may be tried as an adult for severe crimes. Abraham was the first juvenile to be tried under this statute. Accused in the murder of Ronnie Lee Greene Jr., Abraham faced first degree murder charges. Now, at the age of fourteen, Nathaniel has been sentenced to a juvenile facility until the age of twenty-one. Oakland County Probate Judge Eugene Moore hopes that rehabil

Determining What Makes A Career Criminal The career criminal, or, more pointedly, those individuals who participate in criminal acts on a regular basis for both a central and constant source of income has, generally, a specific set of identifying factors which, while conclusive in laymen's terms, fail to meet the criteria necessary for scientific inquiry. While definitions exist as to what a career criminal is, the research methods employed in determining these definitions are a larg

Jason C. Clifton Clifton 1 Criminology CRJ 470 Nevelle Jones Assignment 20 July 17, 2000 High Tech Offenders What different kinds of high-tech offenders can you imagine? What is the best way to deal with each such offender? Give reasons for your answers. High-tech crimes hold the potential to vastly change our understanding of crime. Illegal wire transfers of huge asset stores, nuclear subterfuge, and computer crimes are emerging as novel forms of criminal enterprise.

Women s entrance into the criminal justice system, just as well as other professions, has not been a piece of cake. And once they have entered the field there are numerous issues women face daily. Some of these issues deal with the mere fact that they are females in a traditionally male dominated profession. Some of the characteristics affiliated with the criminal justice system is aggressiveness, tough, and very ambitious. Women traditionally do not carry traits, and are subsequently

While the restorative justice movement has risen in recent years, the idea of circle sentencing, or peacemaking circles has been practiced in indigenous cultures for quite some time. As we look at implementing traditional indigenous culture practices as alternative dispute resolutions, we need to realize the effectiveness and also whether we are ready to use them. The Yukon and other communities reintroduced circles in 1991 as a practice of the restorative justice movement (Bazemore, 19

Capital Punishment The most severe sentence used in our nation is capital punishment, or execution. Most of the executions were for murder or rape. However, federal, and military laws have conferred the death penalty for other crimes, including robbery, kidnapping, treason, espionage, and desertation from military service. Because capital punishment can lead to an unequal use of justice, arguments from its supporters should not prevent it from being abolished. One of the most common argum

Many theories have been developed which address the issue of whether people are born criminals in terms of their physical, genetic, or psychological profile, Or whether as sociologists would argue criminals are made by the environment and circumstances which they encounter during their life. There have been theories put forward to suggest that a persons physical characteristics can determine how he/she behaves. The earliest theories were in the eighteenth century, Lavater study on physiognom