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Prior to embarking on the group project about Asian Americans, I must admit that I had very limited knowledge of them as a group of people. The only close, personal interaction I had with an Asian American was with a lady that I worked with when I lived in North Carolina a few years ago. She was from Laos and we became “lunch” buddies. I was experiencing a great amount of culture shock moving from Ohio to North Carolina and Dang (her name) was feeling the same way. Dang was treat

Abstract Being different is one of the most difficult things in this world. One is better off in society following the norm. As research will show in this paper, the gay and lesbian community worldwide has suffered manifold afflictions in the name of being different. I researched on the topic of homosexuality mostly using the internet. One of the points I cover is the question of whether homosexuality has a biological component, and if so, whether it is right for people to try and alter that bi