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What D.A.R.E Means To Me Dare has prepared me to say no to drugs in eight different ways. If anyone asks me to do drugs I will know what to do, such as- just ignoring the person or just walking away . I know drugs are bad for and they make you do stupid things. Dare has made me aware of the things drugs can do to you. They can destroy your mind and body. They make you want them so badly, that you would do stupid things to get them. Dare has taught me not to be pressured by m

The Recreational Use of Drugs "Junk yields a basic formula of "evil" virus: “The Algebra of Need”. The face of "evil" is always the face of total need. A dope fiend is a man in total need of dope. Beyond a certain frequency need knows absolutely no limit or control. In the words of total need: "wouldn’t you?" Yes you would. You would lie, cheat, steal, and do “anything” to satisfy total need. Because you would be in a state of total sickness, total possess

Performance-enhancing drugs Drugs have been used in sports almost as long as sports themselves have been around. More than ever, performance-enhancing drugs are being abused by athletes. In Canada, we, the people value several things, some of which are freedom, expanding and taking care of our families and our financial security. We, the people, take such things for granted. We also discourage some behavior, such as crime, laziness and use of illegal drugs. The biggest scandal of drugs in

I __________ promise to say no to drugs, and stay free of all alcohol and cigarettes. I promise to my mother and father that I won t ever take any drugs of any kind. I will deny any offerings of drugs by saying no. I m sure a situation will come around in the near future where I will have to say no to drugs or alcohol. I promise to my self that I will make good decisions to keep my body clean and healthy. I think the D.A.R.E program is

Go Ask AliceThis book is a diary of a girl named Alice, and she goes to her Grandma's house for the summer and she finds some friends (which she doesn't have many of at home) who are involved with drugs. She goes to a sleepover with these friends and she plays something like "button button, who gots the button", except the button was a hit of LSD. Sheliked it alot, and continues to do LSD and other drugs. She starts to push drugs, and she finds herself running away quite a few times, and

The most significant problem facing young people in the inner city today is one problem but many problems put together. The use of drugs and the crime that occurs all intertwine and form one big problem. Also the lack of education doesn t help the young people either. Drugs are part of the problem that young people in the inner city face everyday. But drugs are only a small part of the problem. Drugs are only a small part because drugs open everything up for the young people today like

Should Drugs Be Legalized; My View It seems as if the cry of "legalize drugs!" is heard everywhere. Some argue that legalizing drugs is the way to "win" the drug war. Drug enforcement does place a burden on us. Economic resources are used up that could be used elsewhere. But the consequences of legalizing drugs would make an already large problem out of control. If one examines the arguments behind drug legalization, it becomes apparent that legalizing drugs won't solve any of our Na

Drugs Drugs. What do we know about drugs? What do we imagine when we say this word? White powder or a young person, wiping out any possibility for his future to grow, killing him slowly. Drugs came in our life and destroyed any relations between parents and children. I say "any" because this is the word, defining exactly what happens when a child starts taking drugs. Ignorance. Ignorance from the rest of the world, living in a world with no real friends, no sun, no flowers, no stars, n

Theories of Drug Legalization If Drugs were legal they would be easily accessable and legal, Goverment would receive revenue, It deters crime of people obtaining drugs, and gives better emotional state of americans. The other side of this is the highly possible death by overdose, psychological problems because of drug abuse, anarchy over the alleged govermental control over drugs increase the number of drug addicts, lead to more children using drugs,increase the number of h

The war on drugs today is a no-win situation. Most of todays students in school receive their first chance at drugs in 5th grade. That's up twenty percent the national average than last year. So what can we do to stop this? We can't just stop sending our kids to school. We have to educate them at an early age. We can step up as individuals and put a stop to drugs. We can move up in the world if we as the parents and teachers give them the support they need to go higher places inste