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Introduction Among the many challenges that the USA (United States of America) faces, energy security would surely rank as one of the most pressing and urgent challenge that the nation is currently grappling with. The economic rise of China has meant that it has greater leeway among the oil producing nations of the world in securing energy supplies for itself. In a race between the USA and China for ever dwindling sources of energy supply, both the countries are busy re-working and fine tuning

Introduction: Money is omnipresent. Modern society cannot run without it. We cannot think of a society today which can do away with money. Money has changed its form with timekeeping in tune with the different stages of development of the society. Money performs a number of functions and its importance lies in the fact that it acts as a medium of exchange, as a unit of account, as a standard of deferred payments and as a store of value. 'Money has been a source of fascination to profess