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Star Trek: First Contact Space! The final frontier, as many Star Trek stories go. This newest Star Trek movie incorporates two story lines. Half the crew fighting their enemy on the star ship Enterprise and the other half on earth. The time they are fighting the Borg is also important since the Borg went back in time to stop the Earthlings from making first contact. This story is based in the 21st century instead of the 24th century. Most of the action is based on one of two places.

Satanism What is Satanism and what do these satanic people do? There are many things people do not know about this organized and evil religion. Satanism is the worship of the devil or to make a pack with him. Satanism was developed from the belief that there are two supreme beings on good and one evil. It involves black magic, sorcery, the invocation of demon, and the forces of darkness. Satanism is absolute evil in the complete antithesis of God. The people in these cults engage in physica

Fairy Tale Of A Princess Who Would Not Sleep Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a princess who could not go to sleep. Her parents, the King and Queen spent the whole day from morning until night coaxing, pleading with begging and crying for her to take a nap or just lie down, but she refused. For some odd reason, Princess Penelope would not go to sleep. The King and Queen got so desperate that one day the King made an announcement to the people of the town from his castle

Barney is The Hitler of My Generation 1992 marked a dark year in our nation's television history. That was the year a small production company brought to life an over-sized, giggling buffoon on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). Barney & Friends was born. Oh, if only we had known better. Barney rode the crest of a dinosaur wave that swept the country in the early 1990's. Since then, researchers have proven Barney to be the spawn of Satan, and even educational leaders ponder th

Dear Journal, It felt good to have the hard road under my feet again. Nobody thought of danger, everyone was cheerful today because it was Saturday, market day in Penrith. The overwhelming crowds gave a rather uncomfortable feeling at first, but once I reached the center of town, the narrow streets broadened and there was room for everyone on the big town squares! Exciting strangers caught my eyes. There were acrobats, a man without any ears, a sword-swallowe

Dear Diary, I have to leave soon to go to my new job. I'm very happy to have gotten a baby-sitting job at the Hagen's. These days, its so hard for a young girl to find a job, unless you are someone famous. I consider myself lucky to live in a nice house with a good family. It bothers me to think of the poor families who suffered during the Depression or the wives of soldiers who receive a telegram telling them that their husband has been killed in the war. Thinking of the war makes me sca

She slowly made her way down to bottom the stairs, moving a little from side to side, she gently and tediously pushed open the glass doors and trod out onto the gray sidewalk. "Now, where is that toy store... every town's got to have a toy store," she said to herself. She stopped a nice young man in a blue pinstriped suit to ask for directions. He told her it was two blocks down, and across the street. "...a small yellow building, with big square windows out front. Called 'McCleary's Toy

Ethics in Business From a business perspective, working under government contracts can be a very lucrative proposition. In general, a stream of orders keep coming in, revenue increases and the company grows in the aggregate. The obvious downfalls to working in this manner is both higher quality expected as well as the extensive research and documentation required for government contracts. If a part fails to perform correctly, it can cause minor glitches as well as problems that can carry s

Help Put Out the Butt in Teen Smoking You could probably walk around your neighborhood and see groups of teenagers smoking. In fact, there 6,000 teens that start smoking everyday and 3,000 of them will make the choice to continue smoking. Throughout this essay, I will give you facts on why it is smart to either stop smoking now or never start. You probably ask yourself, "Why do teens smoke?" There are many explanations to that question. Many teens say they started because of peer pressure

The Worth of Kindness Everyone has feelings including those who act as though they don't therefore , in our everyday walk through life we must be considerate and stay sensitive to those around us. Staying open to others hurts and knowing they may be struggling through lives battles , one must remember to be kind. The kindness and understanding we give may be life changing to that person. I have always been willing to give kindness but I have never had the chanc