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Here are several articles I published in an internationally circulated newsletter. The work was primarily in English, but as you may have read in my resume, I have also worked on projects with several companies doing Spanish writing and translation work, and I am fully bilingual in Spanish. I have been working as a consultant with Access Trips (www.accesstrips.com) as well, and have helped them with some of the fun, descriptive cultural and travel writing on the website. The following excerpts

(Front cover, watercolour of fairy land with the golden sand, deeply and vibrantly coloured plants, baskets of jewellery lying around, jewellery hanging from every tree, elves ……) Xeepin, no longer fairy, only knew that she was on a journey somewhere. She could not remember where to, but she kept on walking till she came to a busy road and the first person she saw was a little boy named Tim. Now, Tim was a precocious young boy, not shy at all. He was 11 years old and even though he had