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“Wow, Mrs. Nettie that’s a great dress you’re wearing today,” said Merilee as she walked through the cafeteria towards the rest room. Not ten minuets later Sarah walked past the office wearing a dress almost identical to Mrs. Netties, only to be stopped by the principal Mr. Meth. Sarah was forced to change, because her dress was not following the school dress policy, Mrs. Nettie did not have to change. This story illustrates just one of Nicholas County High Schools dres

Abstract Expressionism Since the World War II the paintings' movement had gathered considerable momentum. The political realities of the time- from 1943 to early 1950s- the War, the Holocaust in Europe, the apparent threat of the world destruction by atomic bomb, the conservative reaction of McCarthyism in United States and even intensified hurly burly of city life-resulted in a movement called Abstract Expressionism. Abstract Expressionism combined two tendencies already evident in th

Elizabethan Fashion The Elizabethan Era was a time that reflect the mood and values of the 16th century though the use of fashion. It was a period in which a lot of originality and creativity was evident was used to create new styles of dress (Black & Garland 16). The Fashion in Elizabethan England at this time reflected the values and Ideals of the era. It was an Era that based everything on the Great Chain Of Being; which was a concept that everyone had a position in the socia

Elizabethan Fashion In the earlier parts of the sixteenth century, everything was changing in England. Everything from their queens right down to fashion. The fifteenth century was a time if simple styles, anything that would create a simple silhouette of a woman. Now things were evolving into the shapely and extravagant styles we call Elizabethan fashion. There are some very small yet important items that must be worn to have a proper Elizabethan outfit. Everything was equally

College Campuses I have been to many college campuses and seen how they are set up. They all are organized in the same fashion with the exception of few. College campuses are divided into different buildings, and the buildings are classified by the subject matter covered in each building. Stephen F. Austin State University is set up this way and its campus is an example of these facts. Each campus has at least one administration building if not more. The administration building usually h

Gabrielle Chanel, orphaned at an early age, was raised by nuns. Gabrielle wanted to be a singer. She debuted in a concert cafe. Each of the two songs Gabrielle sang contained the word Coco. The name, which was given to her by the audience, stuck for more than eighty years. Her singing career, however, did not. Coco's voice was limited and work did not come easily. After her short attempt at a singing career, Coco Chanel quit performing to begin work as a hat maker. Coco Chanel went from desig

I recently attended the play, Brigadoon by loewe and lerner, at my local college theater. Through all of the plays mystical events and songs, I noticed some very important details. I chose to compare the ideas in the play to some specific ideas held by a group of people in Italy. The mounted their ideas together to form a period in our history called the Renaissance. This was the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking about my comparison. A play acts as its own time peri

The time period of the 18th century was a time of change. Changes were being made from geographical moves to fashion. Those from England were moving to the New World to break away from anarchy. There was the French Enlightment, the Enlightment is when certain thinkers and writers, primarily in London and Paris, believed that they were more enlightened than their compatriots and set out to enlighten them. The fashion style of the 18th century was a reflection of the morals of the time. M

In our schools today, there are problems that take the focus off education and make it more difficult for a student to learn. These problems include ridicule and discrimination, violence, expense, distractions, fashion extremes, and the formation of cliques. School uniforms can eliminate the problems that arise and distract students from the main focus of school, their education. School uniforms put an end to the "grueling, expensive, and sometimes violent competition to keep up with

Different hairstyles have been around since the beginning of time. In the past four decades hairstyles have changed dramatically. Hair has gone from classy to simple to wild and now to chic. Hair styles are a way to express yourself without words. From the ‘60s to 2001 hair has made big changes and it is going to keep changing as long as there are stars in the world. People want to be as beautiful as all of the stars. Stars play a big role on styles that come out. Hair styles play a