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In my opinion, continental drifting definitely occurred. I believe there is plenty of evidence proving that, evidence that anyone could see just by looking at a map. Almost everyone who has looked at a world map or globe has noticed that the continents of South America and Africa seem to fit together fairly well. An even better fit is seen if continental margins (the underwater edge of the continent) are used. Other "fits" like this can be assembled as well, such as the way the coastal outl

Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater Poses a Serious Health Threat Nitrates contamination of the world's underground water supply poses as a potentially serious health hazard to the human inhabitants on earth. High nitrate levels found in well water has been proven to be the cause for numerous health conditions across the globe. If we intend to provide for the future survival of man, and life on planet earth, we must take action now to assure the quality of one of our most precious

Platinum The word platinum comes from the Latin term platina, which means silver. Platinum is a soft metallic element that is rarely found naturally pure. It often bonds with iron, silver, gold, copper or nickel. In some cases deposits of platinum with small impurities of iron have been found to be magnetic. Platinum has a hardness of 4 - 4.5 on the mohs scale of hardness, and is very malleable. Platinum streaks steel gray and is very dense with a specific gravity of 21.4 . It naturally fo

Australian Sea Dumping The dumping of material in the world's oceans has a long history. Objects are dumped into the ocean in a variety of ways. Sea dumping, as defined in Australian legislation, is the discarding of material into the sea from a land source or operational discharges from ships. Sea dumping of wastes has been common practice in the waters surrounding Australia, from first European settlement until a couple of decades ago. For the past sixty years sea dumping has been regu

A very massive group of levees may be all that is in the way of lower lying New Orleans and destruction with a visit from Hurricane Georges. Without the levee system and concrete flood walls Georges could have catastrophic effects in New Orleans. But with this man-made hurricane protection system protecting the city people. New Orleans is spared the casualties and damage past storms have wrought. The levee system is important because the city is like a saucer 6 feet below sea level and is

Studies made in the Earth's temperature, reveal that the temperature is getting warmer. Industrialized countries and environmentalists say that it is time to limit emissions of greenhouse gases. The average global temperature has risen about one degree Fahrenheit since the turn of the century. A small rise could wreak destruction throughout the world. [ CQ Researcher, Global Warming Update. 291] The greenhouse effect can be explained by scientists of NASA in this way: A: Sunligh

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear petroleum? It's probably a big factory or cars or maybe a type of fuel. But petroleum is not only a source of energy but also many products we find in the store. Things from drip- dry fabrics to engine greases to cosmetics. There are thousands of different products from petroleum, but the main use of petroleum is fuel. Petroleum is the most valuable natural resource in the world. I support this opinion with facts such as... f

Many kinds of volcanic activity can endanger the lives of the people surrounding it or living near it. Mount Shasta, although very beautiful, has a temper and a history to validate it. Mount Shasta is a compound "stratovolcano" or "stratocone" that is made up of four overlapping volcanic cones. These cones were all built on a piece of an older stratacone that was destroyed about 300,000 years ago by a landslide. Mount Shasta is located in Siskiyou, California in the Cascade Range. Mount Sha

Three Branches of Science Andrew Rambo Ms. Gardener 10th Grade Biology September 11, 2000 Science is such a wide area that it is divided into branches. Biology, chemistry and geology are three of these branches. Each branch of science are very different. They use many of the same techniques in the study of the materials in their area of science, but are very different materials. Biology is the study of life and living things. The French naturalist, Jean Baptiste, introduced the

Employment in Geological Fields There are many fields of geology that each focus on minute details and problems. Though the focus may vary, the relation to geology on a whole is closely intertwined. I will graduate as part of the Spring 2000 class with a degree in elementary education. I feel that with my interest in geology, planning my lessons in this area will be simple. There are some themes in geology that hold precedence over others, such as geomorphology, and astrogeology. I