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Bearing Witnesses, Stories of the Holocaust, selected by Hazel Rochman and Darlene Z. McCampbell is a wonderful book that illustrates the horror of the Holocaust. I believe that this book helped me to better understand what really happened during the tragic event. This book is made up of many different real life accounts of the Holocaust. Survivors, friends and family of victims, and even the Nazi’s themselves all have their own stories and opinions that can be revealed through t

The Holocaust: In Memory of Millions Response Paper I have always known the holocaust to be one of the worst events in all of history. I remember learning all about it in history class in the ninth grade and being appalled by all the horrors that were shown to us. We learned all about the intense persecution of the Jews, how they were forced into terrible concentration camps where they either worked or were killed, and how the Germans just walked around beating on them and destroying

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a group. Or in simpler term the killing of one group due to their nationality, religion, color of their skin, extra. Now the first thing that probably popped into your mind is the Holocaust and what happened there. But what you should really be thinking about is how to prevent this from ever happing again. Everyone knows about the Holocaust and what the Germans did to the Jews and other people. How Hitler convinced the Germans to kille

The Holocaust was a tragic event that was an attempt to wipe out the Jewish people. Even though Hitler came close to accomplishing his goal, some Jews were still able to survive and tell their story. The authors Primo Levi and Dori Laub are both survivors of the Holocaust that discuss their narrative of the event. Levi views the Holocaust as a unicum, an unprecedented event that does not yet have a language adequate to it. This helps us understand Laub s idea that the Holocaust is an event

When groups and nations come into conflict, they sometimes act in inhumane ways. They use cruel and harsh treatment toward others. Two conflicts that occurred between 1900 and 1945 that resulted in the inhumane treatment of people are the Nazi Holocaust and the Salt March. The Nazi Holocaust and the Salt March are great examples of inhumane treatment of people. The Holocaust was a movement to destroy all the Jews. Nazis would burn Synagogue’s, burn books, and beat and kill Jews.

When trying to understand an event such as the Holocaust there is no substitute for first hand experience. However, because we cannot relive the Holocaust, we must attempt to gain an understanding of this tragic event through other means. In JS 211, sources such as books, movies, and even Holocaust survivors themselves, can help us learn what happened in the to those targeted by the Nazis in World War Two. Each of the many resources available to us can provide information on what the Ho

I've thought, and thought about resistance in the Holocaust and I've come to this realization: No words or poem or detailed description can describe the level of terror and oppression that took place. I am simply going to try my best to understand a fraction of the pain that many people went through, and the lessons we can learn from what happened. If the people that died in the Holocaust had one thing to say, I think that they would say, "Life is a gift, and you're lucky to have

In ones mind the Holocaust and the Titanic can be seen as a triumph. The Holocaust is a triumph because if it didn t happen back than in the 1930 s and 1940 it might have happened now. It also made people aware of other races and religions and how the people that are apart and involved with them are humans just like everyone else. The Holocaust can also be seen as a triumph because if it had happened now there would have been a lot more deaths. The Titanic can be seen as a triumph because it

How Could I Prevent the Holocaust The word Holocaust means a conflagargration, a great raging fire that consumes it s path all that lives (Kimel, 1 ed.). This describes the Holocaust perfectly. It was a fire created by the German Nazis that destroyed all Jews and other minorities. The Holocaust stands alone as the only systematic and organized effort by a modern government to destroy a whole race of people (Kimel, 1 ed.). Six million Jews died in the Holocaust, this is six million lives

Hitler's Willing Executioners This book explains why the Holocaust occured. The cause of the Holocaust is found in the beliefs of the Germans. This book tells non-Jewish Germans that the Holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers and was not perpetrated solely by SS officials in the death camps. He says that the persecution began in schools, at the workplace, in stores, at every street corner. Germans tortured and killed the Jews not because they were ordered to but because the