Human Rights

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In 2006 report on human rights practices around the world reflects that Nigeria's human rights record was "poor." According to the report, Nigerian government officials and police were responsible for "serious abuses," including politically motivated killings; the use of lethal force against suspected criminals and hostage-seizing militants; beatings and even torture of suspects, detainees, and convicts; and extortion of civilians. Other abuses included violence, discrimination, and female genit

In every community their should have laws to be imposed and followed by every people living in that place. In Joe's place, one of their laws is to imposed the proper disposal of garbage and to classify their garbage into recyclables and non- recyclables containers. And to put it into plastic containers marked 'Property of the City of Ecology'. Ecology means study or caring of the environment. The aim of these laws is to assure the cleanliness of the environment and to dispose the garba

It is an incredible plot twist, the very existence of police brutality and the fact that it occurs mainly on locations where the minority, sad to say, is prolific. Police brutality covers one too many atrocities including discrimination regardless of factor and abuse of power among others. The irony is disturbing for it is the police, the protector of the public, who is involved in such violence. There is resistance, of that we are certain, but what happens next?

One scenario would be a