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Introducing the Internet Internet Traffic is the number of bytes transmitted from one Internet host computer to another A terabyte is 1,000,000,000,000 bytes A exabyte is a quintillion An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that charges you a monthly fee for providing INternet access to businesses, orangizations, and individuals Transport Control Protoco/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is a standard set of commmunicating rules used by every computer that connects to the internet IP A

The Internet vs. the Library Overall, when one compares the Internet vs. the Library, the Library is superior. This is because, though it takes a bit longer to use, the Library has a standard information research tool; the Dewey decimal system. This organized system makes finding books simple, and with the added assistance of a librarian, finding information can be easy. While on the Internet, you are essentially dumpster-diving for information. While there may be a good piece of information

Christopher L. Isaacs 1010 – Technical Writing Extended Definition 00 March 6th The “Internet” and “World Wide Web” Defined In recent years the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) have become more and more popular as an information resource. Many people believe that the WWW is the same as the Internet. This is untrue. The Internet was designed in the late 60’s as a way for a few military computers to exchange research data. Today, the Internet has evolved into a loose

The Internet The Internet is a place with an infinite of possibilities. It is the biggest technological breakthrough ever created. The Internet symbolizes freedom. It is uncensored and unregulated by the government. And that is hard to come by these days. With the Internet anything is possible. From chatting live with a friend, or buying stocks in a company. Before using the Internet, one needs the materials. First, a computer is an absolute necessity. Second, a phone line or cable h

In this day and age where technology is rampant and advance, it is critical that we comprehend the possibilities that such technology has, no matter whether it is good or bad. From our very own households, we can now “get connected” and experience this technology first hand. No longer do we have to go to a theater to watch a movie, buy a compact disc to hear some music, or even spend an abundant amount of money to get the latest software package. With the Internet we are just two

The question that many people have on their minds is, "Is the Internet good or bad?" In this article, we will give you information so that you can make an educated decision for yourself. We will first concentrate on the bad issues of the Internet. Then, we will tell you the advantages of having the Internet. We hope this will help you make a good decision for your family or business. These are some of the disadvantages of acquiring the Internet. There are many sites that show people ho

E-COMMERCE April 10 2000 E-Commerce Electronic commerce has its ups and downs for consumers. On one hand, online shopping holds the potential for more convenience and broader selections. On the other, it has bred confusion over the legitimacy of electronic records. Being that the Internet is one of the fastest growing forms of business, it is offering the consumers the convenience of shopping at home. This helps many people who are handicapped, or those who are too busy to go t

Education on the Internet In today's society, the internet has become a very important learning tool. It is used for day to day activities, such as a place to look up research, a method of getting in touch with friends and family, and somewhere to go to find information about almost anything imaginable. The most popular uses of the internet include entertainment and education. Many people argue that the internet should be used for educational purposes only. The Internet as a Business Th

Children and the Internet Many children nowadays use, or at least have access to the internet. But most people are blinded by all the benefits of the internet, and fail to notice any of the problems that can come from overuse. Since the internet is a new technology, not many studies have been done to determine how beneficial or detrimental it can be to children. Although the internet may have many benefits to children, it can also be very harmful to them. One of the most obvious problems

Information has long been sought out by many generations throughout time. It is a powerful tool that has often been hard to find, until the evolution of the Internet. The Internet has brought the world to the fingertips of millions world-wide. What used to take days or years to find, a person with the knowledge and ability may find in mere minutes of searching on the Internet. But along with the value it brings, there are also many dark sides. Pornography, stalkers, hackers, and