Literature: Civil War

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Outline 1. About the Author. 2. About the Book. 3. Thesis Statement. 4. Review. 5. Study of the Middle Class. 6. Counter View. 7. Conclusion. Book Review: Cradle of the Middle Class: The Family in Oneida County, New York, 1790-1865, by Mary P. Ryan, Cambridge University Press (1985) About the Author Mary P Ryan is a professor of History and Women's Studies and Margaret Bryne Professor of American History at UC Berkeley. She primarily focuses on gender, class and family, and has wri

A Revolution is most certainly a clash of beliefs. The fact that the beliefs lead to armed or otherwise combats between two sets of population bears testament to the fact that both the sides have much at stake. Like all facets of life, there are never clear demarcations of black and white but a lot of areas of grey. In most cases, a Revolution is the labor pangs of an idea whose time has arrived in the midst of a society which is hell bent on denying the legitimacy of its birth or existence. Th